10 Best Souvenirs to Buy in Thailand

Thailand is the most popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia, and we know the reason behind it. Because of its spectacular beaches, beautiful temples, and the modern metropolitan sprawl that is Bangkok, it is a country where getting bored is simply not an option. You’ll be surrounded by some of the kindest, most down-to-earth, and most genuine individuals you’ve ever met from the moment you get off the airport until you go. Thailand is renowned as the “Land of Smiles” for a reason.

Thailand is not only known for its beautiful environment, but it is also a fantastic shopping destination. When it comes to bringing something back from Thailand to your friends and family, you have a lot of possibilities. If you’re curious about what souvenirs to buy in Thailand, here’s a list the 10 best souvenirs to buy in Thailand.

Best Souvenirs to Buy in Thailand

1. Benjarong Ceramics

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Benjarong, a traditional style of Thai porcelain, is a fantastic souvenir to bring back from Thailand. ‘Benjarong’ simply means ‘five hues.’ The entire design and colouring process is carried out on plain bone china, which is typically white porcelain. If you enjoy traditional handicrafts, you will enjoy seeing and learning about how they are made.

The painted object is fired for the final touch. This assures that the paint will last a lifetime. When opposed to the dreary effect created by using only the original paints, the colours appear considerably brighter and distinct. Visit Pickyourtrail to plan your Thailand packages from India with amazing offers!

2. Buddha statue

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All around Thailand, you’ll find wooden, stone, and jade carvings of Buddha (or Buddha’s head), as well as numerous metal statues of Buddha (or Buddha’s head), sold for worship in temples and households. Most typically, Buddha is depicted in the tall, slim form of Gautama Buddha – the Indian spirital leader and founder of Buddhism – but you’ll also see Maitreya, Buddha’s future reincarnation, in the bald, portly style. It can also be found in jewellery, notably little amulets and pendants sanctified by buddhist monks and used for good luck and health.

3. Blessed Souvenirs

Buddhist monks uses lengths of thread connected with bowls and pitchers of water at practically every monk ceremonial, such as holy days. This water is also available in bottled form at many temples, where it can be purchased and served to bless things and people during special ceremonies. The more common string is known as “sai sin” – sacred thread, which the monks will cut into smaller pieces and bind as bracelets on people’s wrists in a good luck ceremony.

4. Bay Rum

Thailand is the world’s fourth largest supplier of sugar cane, and it is used to make rum in Phuket. Chalong Bay Rum, a local distillery, buys sugar cane and manufactures sugar before distilling it to make rum. Because their rum is created from sugar rather than molasses (as most of the big brands are), it has a distinct flavour that pairs well with tropical beverages like pina coladas and mojitos. It’s a wonderful keepsake to buy some of their half or full bottles of infused rums with traditional Thai spices like lemongrass, sweet Thai basil, or lime.

5. Coconut Palm Sugar

Coconut Palm Sugar
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It’s a great product to bring home, and many people like chewing on lumps of it moulded into little flower-shaped blocks, but make sure you have 100 percent pure coconut sugar. To bulk up and lower the price of their products, big brands occasionally use cheaper sugars. For the greatest prices on pure goods, buy it in local marketplaces within a region where it is produced.

6. Decorated Bowls

The coconut shell bowls can be bought in a variety of Thai marketplaces, including the well-known Khao San Road. They are available at Chiang Mai’s Sunday Market, with the best price being around 150 baht. In Chiang Mai, there is a lot more variety, but in Bangkok, there are still a few options. To avoid heat from destroying the design, make sure the smooth varnish is free of chipping and only use them as ornaments or bowls for miscellaneous items.

7. Croaking Frogs

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The wooden frogs Souvenirs evolved in Northern Thailand, near Chang Mai, despite their widespread presence in Thailand’s tourist markets. In agricultural communities, they were previously thought to bring good luck and a fruitful wet season. They’re a one-of-a-kind keepsake to bring home as a percussion instrument for any friends or family members with young children. Alternatively, buy one to display on your mantel as a memento of your fantastic trip to Thailand.

8. Soaps

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Handmade, organic, herbal, and fragrant soaps. Some are in the shape of fruits (mango, watermelon, and grapes). while others are in the shape of flowers (such as frangipani and roses). Asiatique in Bangkok and any of the street stores in Pattaya are good places to buy these soaps. You may get them online as well, although they are significantly more expensive. They are a must-buy souvenir in Thailand, and their vibrant colours make them difficult to ignore.

9. Thai Silk

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Thai Silk is a one-of-a-kind, attractive, affordable gift. Silk clothing, scarves, fabric handbags, and ties are available in a variety of styles. Because traditional Thai silk is hand woven, each cloth is one-of-a-kind and has a signature that can’t be copy commercially. Artificial silk, on the other hand, is machine-woven, which means that every section of the fabric is identical and of the same colour. Traditional Thai silk is obviously 10 times more expensive than synthetic silk. While, the classic Thai silk, is worth purchasing as a souvenir for your loved ones.

10. Spa Products

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Thailand is famous for its spices, temples, and soothing massages. If you like it, you could even take some spa products back with you to use at home or give as souvenirs. Foot soaks and body scrubs, fragrant oil and oil diff-users, aromatic candles, herbal soap, and other spa goods are readily available in Thailand. Some are producing from wildflowers you’ve never heard of before, but they’re extremely fragrant.

Before you’re planning to travel to Thailand, make sure you have enough place in your suitcase. When you realise how many unique, fantastic souvenirs there are that you simply must have. the extra space will come in handy, and the incredibly low costs are an added plus! Pickyourtrail has amazing personalized itineraries to Thailand. Check it out soon!

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