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Top 10 Most Mysterious Forests in the World

The earth is home to various mysterious forests that are filled with trees, plants, and several secrets. So, let us to go into depth about 10 such mysterious forests that people avoid..

Top 10 Most Mysterious Forests

1. Hoia Baciu Forest : Romania

One of the most mysterious forests in the world is Hoia Baciu. Many stories of this forest are famous and people tell each other. This forest’s trees have strange shapes and are twisted. People also hear unusual sounds, after which they do not put their feet in the forest. Because those who see them are so terrible that even while passing near the forest, they get scared.

mysterious forests

According to rumours, strange noises and crying sounds may be heard in the jungle in the evening and are rather lovely to listen. Another rumor, aliens lived in this forest, therefore anyone who visits there never returns.

2.  Black Forest : Germany

black forest

This forest is in Germany. There are many trees in this forest of 160 kilometres, due to which sunlight does not come here and it is dark. That’s why it is called the black forest. There are many stories about this forest. The stories of ghosts, fairies, and many such characters are based on this.

3.  Aokigahara Forest : Japan

Aokigahara forest of Japan is located in the foothills of Mount Fiji. It is also call the sea of ​​trees because it is very dense. If care is not taken, any person can be lost. Pedestrians are instructed to walk by making marks on trees passing through here.

Aokigahara Forest

4.  Crooked Forest: Poland

The Crooked Forest of Poland It is not yet known, why the bottom of all the trees in this forest are bent in the same way. Around 1930, pine trees started growing here. It is believed that the trees were planned here only to get naturally bent trees. But no one knows its secret.

5.  Goblin Forest:  New Zealand

mysterious forests

The glowing green trees are the unique feature of the Goblin Forest in New Zealand. All of the trees are coated in green moss because this area receives rain for the most of the year. As a result the trees take on new colours of vibrant.

6.  Hallerbos Forest: Belgium

mysterious forests

The Hallerbos Forest of Belgium also falls in this category. Every year in spring the land of this forest is covered with a sheet of flowers. After coming to this forest covered with violet-blue Belgian flowers, you will feel that you have reached the land of fairies.

7.  Rata forest:  New Zealand

mysterious forests

New Zealand’s Rata Forest is full of trees that have crooked trunks with dry trunks and branches. There are several hiking trails through this forest.

8.  Tsingy de Bemaraha: Madagascar

Tsingy de Bemaraha

It is also called the Spike Mysterious Forest as there are many limestone rocks in this part of the forest. They are up to 70 meters high and such geography of these forests makes it one of the most dangerous national forests in the world.

9.  Otzarreta Forest:  Spain

 Otzarreta Forest

The beautiful Gorbia Natural Park is located in the Otzarreta Forest in Spain. Many ancient trees are found here and the atmosphere is mostly filled with mist, which is why this forest seems to be wrapped in a mysterious veil.

10.  Moss Swamp Forest:  Romania

Romania is a country with beautiful mountains and forests. But here the swampy mysterious forest and its hills are covered with moss, which is very difficult to reach.

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