Best Things to Do in Italy during Summer

Italy is among the top tourist destinations for people looking for a summer break to relax and unwind. Indulging in new things and collating new experiences is synonymous with Italy and adds a new dimension to your trip. Because of its wonderful attractions, climate, and experiences it also features among the top romantic destinations worldwide.

Italy covers everything a tourist can imagine during their summer break, including popular sights, gorgeous landscapes, beautiful cities, stunning mountains, and Mediterranean views. Get help for your Italy visa through a reliable travel partner to ease the process. While Rome and Venice continue to dominate the holiday list on every tourist’s itinerary, several beautiful Italian destinations will make you re-imagine your travel itinerary experience.

Best Things to Do in Italy during Summer

Browse through the rich cultural heritage in Rome

Rome is among the best Italian places featured in every itinerary once you have received your Italy visa. Housed with marvelous attractions like Colosseum, the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and other mighty Roman Empire ruins make it a dream paradise for all groups.


Since these are popular destinations in every tourist itinerary, we recommend you check out these attractions early morning or post-sunset to beat the crowds. Kick-start your Italian vacation as you will get to see the rich cultural heritage across multiple points spread through the city.

Discover the enchanting hot springs

Tuscany’s Saturnia hot springs are among the best natural wonders in Italy. The public can easily access these outdoor hot springs for free. Relax your senses as you dip in these natural thermal springs for a couple of hours to unwind.

Tuscany's Saturnia hot springs

Then, rent a car and set sufficient time to explore the best of Tuscany at your own pace. Don’t miss out on the beautiful sunrise if you are among the population who wake up early.

Check out the Vatican City

Vatican City

The smallest country globally, the Vatican City is the house of the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope. The country is nestled surrounded by Rome from all corners.

You can also view the Vatican City from St. Peter’s square in Rome. However, browsing the beautiful attractions within a country is a different experience altogether.

The top highlights are the Vatican Museums, Pope’s addressing on Wednesdays, Papal Villas, the Vatican Gardens, and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

Drive through the Amalfi coast

This spectacular coastline stretch spanning 50 km with the picturesque Mediterranean Sea, gorgeous beaches, and high sea cliffs in the backdrop, making it feel like a fairy tale. Browse through the picturesque neighboring towns like Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento, and Positano.

Best Things to Do in Italy

You can book a room in one of the coastline towns for some secluded space in the romantic oasis where you can enjoy these fascinating views with your partner. You can’t miss out on this destination after you get your Italy tourist visa.

Explore the enchanting Pompeii Ruins

Placed on Naples’ borders, Pompeii is among Italy’s top attractions for a summer break. This ancient city lies approximately in between if you are on your road trip from Rome. Mount Vesuvius buried the city under thick volcanic ash in 79 AD.

Best Things to Do in Italy

You can sneak a peek through the historic Roman lifestyle on your visit. Be a smart traveler by booking your Pompeii tour well in advance to beat the long queue. There are guided tours where you get much deeper insights about the popular historic sites like thermal baths, Greek Theater, Mount Vesuvius, and Roman Forums.

Explore the gorgeous Italian beaches

The postcard-perfect Italian beaches are the perfect recipe for a summer break. Packed with glamorous celebrities flocking the beach, awe-inspiring seascapes, and boutique-filled historical centers, the Positano beaches features among the most sought-after destinations on the Amalfi coast for a stopover along with other beach destinations.

Some top beaches are Laurito beach, Arienzo beach, Marina Grande beach, and Fornillo beach. The beaches have everything for a relaxing summer holiday with all these beaches easily accessible via renting a car or public transport.

Gondola boat tour

Venice is one of Italy’s best summer holiday destinations that is completely built on water. Hence, you will get to see more canals than roads. Browsing through the Grand Canal in Venice allows you to browse through the major highlights and enjoy some scenic views of this beautiful city.

Best Things to Do in Italy

Even if it’s mostly a touristy activity, taking a Gondola ride is one of the quintessential activities to indulge in on your summer holiday. Weave through the city landmarks as you explore the boat ride through the Rialto Bridge or take the offbeat path through the smaller canals. Finally, stop at the Bridge of Sighs to enjoy the spell-binding beauty of this architectural masterpiece.

Hike along the Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre is one of the fascinating Italian destinations that offers awe-inspiring and scenic backdrops. The five Cinque Terre villages cover a major portion of its landscape.

Best Things to Do in Italy

The popular Italian Riviera and hike along the offbeat paths crossing these five neighboring towns, browsing marvelous sea views, walking through olive groves, and enjoying the fine local wine. These villages have also featured as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, easily connected via bus, boat, train, and walking tours.

Take a boat tour to Capri

You can easily indulge in a boat tour to Capri from one of the Amalfi coast towns. Stopover at the mesmerizing blue grotto that stands among the highlights of Capri town. The spectacular sight will make it spell-bound with its captivating natural beauty.

The best part is that this is not the end, as you will be able to browse through several other grottos in the region. Other highlights here are the Punta Carena lighthouse and the natural arch, Faraglioni rocks. Snorkeling and diving are popular refreshing water-based experiences that people indulge in here during their vacation.

Enjoy quick bites and drinks, including the famous limoncello tasting. This popular destination features among the best destinations for an Italian summer holiday.

Discover the Italian car culture

Italy has been home to the top car manufacturers worldwide. Ultra-luxurious global brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Ducati have been conceptualized. And incepted in Italy before taking over the global car world. The Ferrari Museum, Lamborghini Museum, and Autodromo di Modena help you understand more about what goes behind building. A luxurious auto brand, the evolution of these global brands, and the rich history of the car culture in Italy.

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