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Best things to do in Nassau Bahamas

Best things to do in nassau bahamas  – Places to visit in the Bahamas and travel guide and other interesting information about this country of North America. The Bahamas can also be call Bahama or Bahamas.

The Bahamas is a beautiful country and can be an ideal holiday spot for anyone. It is beautiful and attractive North American country close to seven hundred islands.

Best things to do in nassau bahamas  

Blue Atlantic Ocean

best things to do in nassau bahamas

The Bahamas is located in the Atlantic Ocean. According to local folklore, Christopher Columbus came here on a beautiful island name San Salvador, which may currently be Samana Cay or San Salvador Island and is locate in the central part of the Bahamas Islands. Columbus made contact with the Lucas and traded with them.

Beautiful island of Bimini

The Bahamas is a beautiful country whose many facts are very interesting and equally interesting is its past. The Bahamas holiday will be a best time for you. Although it is a small country and faces many challenges in education, health care and drug trafficking, it still ranks third in the world as per people income in the North Pole.

best things to do in nassau bahamas

If you want to visit the Bahamas your holidays, then definitely go to the island of Bimini. The island is also known as the gateway to the Bahamas and it is the nearest island to the United States. Take a flight to the Bahamas and start your relaxing Bahamas vacation.


Best things to do in nassau bahamas – You will be surprises to see the diversity in the Bahamian culture, because the culture here is a perfect blend of African and European influences. The music of the Bahamas will charm you with its rhythm.

The locals have named the music as Junkanoo. You can also dance along with the fast beats of rake, scrap and calipo. And don’t forget to have beautiful hats and bags made of straw. The Junkanoo festival is an integral part of the Bahamas and you can participate in this festival when you visit the Bahamas.

best things to do in nassau bahamas

Regatta is an important social festival in the Bahamas that will surely captivate you as it is celebrate by sailing on old-fashioned boats and lasting for several days. The Bahamas is the best place for sports lovers.

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Sports (Best things to do in Nassau Bahamas)

You can get yourself involved in national sports, cricket, rowing and track and field athletics which are popular sports in this country. You will definitely feel relax from your everyday boring life because you will get lost on the sandy beaches.

Also You can participate in football or rugby and also other common sports, like basketball, softball, baseball, and American football. The festivities here are the “Pineapple Festival” at Gregory Town, eleuthera or Crab Fest, which is celebrate with great pomp.


The currency here is calling the bahamian dollar.


The weather here is always pleasant. The sea breeze here limits the maximum temperature to 30 degrees. You can have fun anytime in the summer with high humidity around 80-90 in summers.

Bahamas Travel Tips

Some simple tips during a visit to the Bahamas: The climate of the Bahamas is tropical to subtropical, and is strongly influenced by the waters of the Gulf Stream.

If you plan to travel to the Bahamas, you can go at any time of the year. The weather here is pleasant throughout the year. The currency used here is the Bahamian Dollar, which has the same value as the US Dollar.

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