Nature’s Paradise at Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park is a mesmerizing and amazing way to know about different animal species from across the world. The park is home to approximately 3000 animals of various categories  including 78 types of mammals, 50 types of reptiles and 111 kinds of birds.

Dubai Safari Park

The variety of animals have been organised into different villages in Dubai Safari Park such as explorer village, Asian village, etc. It’s the reason why the park attracts tourists and animal enthusiasts from across the distant lands to witness its diversity and beauty spread across 119 hectares.The park also focuses on research, conservation and protection of these beautiful creatures through its extensive programms.

Dubai Safari Park

Not only visitors get to engage with a huge fauna, flora and avian variety but also have the opportunity of indulging in interesting activities. During the drive through safaris at Explorer Village, visitors will meet lions and can feed giraffes. Live shows being held at Asian and other villages like ‘Birds of Prey’ will enhance visitors’ knowledge of birds.

A pony walk next to the river at the Al Wadi Farm will be refreshing for kids and adults alike. Other experiences available are watching fast Cheetahs from the gallery and taking a behind the scenes tour to learn how the staff takes care of the animals at the park.  

Dubai Safari Park Villages

The main attractions of the park are its diverse villages, which provide a rich insight into the different categories of animals from across the globe. 

Explorer Village- The Safari Village drive through at Explorer Village is the main attraction of the Dubai Safari Park as it is the beginning of the journey of tourists and their adventures. The attraction of this village is the fastest mammal on earth, the Cheetah. This village also hosts a one-of-a-kind bird show to enlighten the visitors about these amazing winged ambassadors of nature.

The journey at explorer village is concluded with a drive through trip to get close to wild beasts such as tigers and lions in their habitat of large grasslands. One may also hand feed some of these creatures, like a giraffe and get to witness many other amazing animals. 

African Village- It’s one of the most exotic villages in the Dubai Safari Park that offers an insight into the animals from the continent of Africa. Serving as home to species of world’s largest to world’s smallest land mammals, it beautifully draws the diversity of the continent.

The highlight of this village is the African Elephant, the world’s largest land mammal, which lives upto 70 to 80 years in its gigantic glory.

The mighty Gorillas in the Gorilla House and the Chimps at the Chimpanzee House are other interesting African residents. Visitors are offered an amazing experience of making contact with one of the most friendly animals of the world.

A Reptile House is also found at the village, it has over 50 species of reptiles showcasing the diversity. The Grand Aviary collection presents an enthralling adventure to the visitors alongsied providing an amazing view of hundreds of birds from all over the globe.

Asian Village- Visitors should be enthralled over a beautiful tropical rainforest safari waiting for them at the Asian Village. Alongside housing the spectacular Moon Bear also called Asiatic Black Bear, the village features Chinese architectural style like dragon based designs at local shops.

Here, are also exhibited creatures like Gibbons, Mandarin Ducks, and others.One can also learn an extensive lot about the Southern Cassowary, which drops the seeds of  fruits eaten at long distances, and plays the role of rainforest gardener. This village hosts the show called ‘Amazing Creatures of the World’, an interesting way to learn about the natural behaviour of tropical animals.

Arabian Desert Safari- A drive through attraction of the Dubai Safari Park, desert safari takes inspiration from Wertern Asia. It houses species from the Arabian Peninsula and brings to life the adventures of nomadic deserts.

The showstopper of this safari is the Arabian Wolf, a subspecies of Grey wolf that lives in the Arabian Peninsula. Although the smallest species of wolf, they do not live in groups but instead hunt in pairs or as trio. Mainly carnivores, they can also sustain on some types of vegetarian food.

The safari is an absolute tourist attraction because of the variety of animals it exhibits such as Arabian Gazelles, long-legged Arabian Oryxz, etc., from the guides.

Other Relevant Information

  1. Tickets- Visitors can book their tickets in advance online to avoid any last ticket inconvenience and enjoy the park smoothly. There are two variants of tickets available, one involving entry tickets and the other inclusive of safari experience. To enjoy other experiences, visitors can upgrade their tickets.
  2. Visiting hours- Daily, 9 AM to 5PM. Lasty entry allowed till 3:30 – 4:00 PM. During Ramdan the park is open daily between 10 AM to 8 PM.

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