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Top 7 Famous Unsolved Mysterious Events of the World

Today we are going to tell you about unsolved mysterious Events of the world that are consider very mysterious. Many of these incidents are such that scientific research done, but the exact reason could not be ascertained. However, it is strange in its own right, but despite the progress of science, the curtain has not been lifted yet. Let’s know about some such incidents.

Unsolved Mysterious Events

The Cooper Family Falling Body

Unsolved Mysterious

Cooper Family bought an old house in Texas around 1950. During his first night celebration in his house, his father took a photograph of the family. In this photo two children are sitting in the lap of their mother and grandmother.

After the development of this photo, the entire family was horrified, because in the photo, a hanging corpse was seen along with the family. It was claimed that there was no such thing at the time of taking the photo. Some people said that it is possible that Negative may have been tampered with, but Cooper Family denied it.cooper family ghost.Unsolved Mysterious.

The mysterious Hessdalen Lights (Mysterious Events)

Unsolved Mysterious

The light that is often seen in the sky of Hessadalen Valley in Hessadalen, Norway is like an absurd puzzle. Mostly this mysterious light has appeared in bright white, yellow or red colors for more than an hour. These lights swiftly swim in the slow air, then it stops at the same place.

This kind of incident has not only happened in Norway but also in other parts of the world since 1940. A lot of efforts were made to know the reasons, but no result could be reached.

The Solway Firth Photo

Unsolved Mysterious

This photo was taken by Jim Templeton, a photographer and local historian in 1964. They took their daughter to ‘Soul Firth’ in an area in Cumbria, England. When the photos were developed, they saw a photographed image like astronaut. Jim had claimed that there was no one behind his daughter during taking photographs. There was also a lot of debate about this photo. Therefore it is often included in the list of mysterious incidents.

British Columbia Cut Feet of Beaches

On August 20, 2007, many shattered human legs were found on the shores of the Sea of ​​Salish. Only some of these could be identified. It was speculated that these feet could be of people killed in a boating accident or a plane crash in the sea.

Secondly, these quadras can be the legs of four people killed in the plane crash of Iceland. No traces were found on the feet, but murder after murder and torture can not be ruled out. It was added to the Tsunami in Asia on December 26, 2004.

Black dahlia Murder Case

Unsolved Mysterious

The Black Right Murder Case is one of the oldest unsolved mysterious murder cases in Los Angeles. Elizabeth Short, who lives in America, was named Black Vahl. He was assassinated on 15 January 1947. The body of the shirt was cut off half of the waist and there were wounds on many parts of the body.

His mouth was cut till the ear. The shocking thing was that about 60 people had a crime against the murderer, most of whom were men. But none of these were arrested.

Elisa Lam Mystery

Unsolved Mysterious

The 21-year-old Elisa Lam was a student at the University of British Columbia, Venice. On February 19, 2013, his corpse found in the water tank above Cecil Hotel in downtown. The staff examined the tank after complaining that the guests of the hotel were stinking in the water.

In the CCTV investigation, Lam was seen going up from the lift, which was probably not working properly. In the footage he was seen talking to himself or anyone else or something invisible. She looked very upset.
After the video was viral, someone called Lam as a mental patient, someone said that the video was tampered with. But this case could not be resolved. However, many films inspired by this incident have been created.

Scotland Loch Lake Monster

Scotland Loch Lake

It is believe that the secret of Scotland’s ‘Loch Lake’ is hidden in the lake itself. This mystery came first in 1933 when people saw a giant creature in the lake. However, in some reports it has been consider as an ‘extinct organism’ of the dinosaur species, ‘Pleasure’, which lives in deep water and rarely comes to the surface.

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