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Ghost Town of Bodie in America

Ghost Town of Bodie – Adventure trip is trending nowadays. People give priority to adventure trip while travelling. They believe that something interesting is bound to happen in life.

For this people travel around the world. If you are fan of adventure travel and plan to do so in the future, you can visit these towns known as ghost towns. These city are knows all over the world for their secrets. Come, know everything about it-

Ghost Town of Bodie

There are many such cities in America which are knows as ghost towns. One of them is the city bodie. This place is located in the city of California, United States. It is saying that before 1962 this city was very beautiful. Today it is desert. According to experts, this place is now empty because of a robber’s named Billy.

Have you ever seen a city where even after searching you have not seen any human being..? If not, then tell that such a city exists in America, but there is also a scary thing associate with this city.

The situation is that people are now afraid to even pass through here and the one who has to pass through here under compulsion, does not stop his car here even by forgetting.

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Ghost Town of Bodie Story

Everyone is afraid of this scary city. The photo of this city is once again floating on social media. This city present in the bodie of America is saying to have been desert 50 years ago.

Ghost Town of Bodie

Only a few buildings remain in the city. Some time ago many Hollywood films were shot here in which it is shown as ‘Ghost Town’.

So this city is desert because of this

Ghost Town of Bodie

The name of the most terrifying American criminal is associated with this city in history. In 1962, Billy killed hundreds of people here.

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Billy used to rob those passing by and take women hostage. Since then the place has been cursed. It is not that no one has tried to settle at this place.

Ghost Town of Bodie

No one who thought of doing so could never flourish in this place. More than 50 years have passed but this city is not emerging.

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