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Top 10 Most Isolated Place In The World

In this article we are talking about top 10 Isolated Place in the world…

Isolated Place In The World

10. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

greenland Isolated Places

It establish in 1925, and it is the most distant of all greenland inhabited areas. The only way to this place is by helicopter or boat! Practically on the edge of the world this place has a population of only 450 people, but in recent years many tourists are coming. This place is actually very close to the world’s largest multi-branched fjord system, and is a national park, so the surrounding scenery is not surprisingly low.

It is frozen for 9 months of the year and the only way to avoid this city is through fishing and hunting. If you want to visit Ittoqqortoormiit as a tourist, then it is entirely possible; There is a bright orange guesthouse in the city, a pub which opens a night in one week, a common store and a post office. Travel companies can arrange all kinds of adventure travels for hiking and hunting from kayaking.

9. La Rinconada, Peru

La Rinconada, Peru

It is a small mining town locate in Andes of Peru. It is officially the world’s highest city, 5,130 meters above sea level, La Rinconada is permanent on a glacier which is permanently frozen, and the only way to reach it is by rotating the roads on the mountain by the truck. There is even no airport. Many people can not see the visit of La Rinconada.  

It takes a whole day to reach the city, and then you have to deal with the height sickness, which is an examination in itself. Even then, this place has a population of 30,000 people. Because the area is a gold mine, thousands of people went to the place. Most of them are involve in the gold mining business. Reportedly, the situation of working in La Rinconada is sad, which only increases the misery of this place.

8. Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon, Russia

This is the coldest city in the world! The average temperature is about -58 degrees, and during the winter it is completely dark up to 21 hours a day. But in 1933 the temperature drop to -90. Due to the temperature, it is impossible to develop any function here, which is one of the major weaknesses for the residents.

People are forced to use food like frozen fish meat, venison meat and ice-cubed horse blood ! Another problem for the people of Oymyakon is the pipeline due to the harsh weather, the piping system is stable,  therefore the outhouses of the local people are use to work outdoors old in the cold weather. For their cars, people keep them inside the hot garage or just leave them out walking. Oymyakon 5 km miles is the nearest city to Yakutsk,

7. Easter Island, Chile

Isolated Places easter island

It is one of the world’s most isolated islands with a population of approximately 6500 people. It is 2500 miles east of Tahiti and the closest continental point is in Chile, which is some 2,300 miles away. In 1888, Chile had occupied Easter Island, and since then it is consider to be a part of the insular Chile.

The Easter Island is the most famous for 900 giant stone heads, known by the people of Rapa Nui as Moai.These monoliths are between 1,100 and 1,500 AD and there are real hidden bodies below the ground.

His creators master craftsmen and engineers still have much speculation and secrets around their estimation. The Easter Island is a volcanic hot spot, similar to Hawaii, but only regular flights via Santiago de Chile via LAN Airlines.

6. Kerguelen Islands

Kerguelen Islands

This group of islands are also known as “Desolation Islands”, because they are far from the rest of the world. Kerguelen Islands are a relatively small archipelago in the southern part of the Indian Ocean. Technically, they are part of southern French and Antarctic land but there are no native residences of the island.

They are 2,051 miles away from any civilization and are taken permanently by 50-100 scientists, engineers and researchers at any time of the year. It is impossible to get there by plane, because there is no airplane. The only way to go to this island is with the ship and the ship only runs 4 times a year. Most Isolated Place.

5. Alert, Canada

canada Alert

This small village on the Nunavut area, about 500 miles below North Pole Isolated Place. It is the highest place in the world with permanent residents. By 2016, the alert population is 62. These people call themselves “The Frozen Chosen”. Alert’s weather temperature is quite strange with reaching -40 degrees. Due to its location, Alert lives in the dark 24 hours a day and 24 hours in the dark.

The alert now keeps the Canadian Forces Station and the Global Atmosphere Watch laboratory. In an alert there is an airport for military reasons, but due to frequent bad weather it is not used much. Around the surrounding hills and the sea which is snow-lock in most of the years, the alerts are as far as you can get.

Barrow, Alaska

Isolated Place

Locate 300 miles north of Barrow Arctic Circle. It is dark for 65 days straight in 2016, change its name from Barrow to its traditional Inupiaq name Utqiagvik me, which can not be pronounce by many people, hence it is still known as Barrow from the road. It is impossible to reach, because this is Isolated Place, there are almost no roads in it. The only way that you can reach by plane, through flying from Anchorage, which is approximately one and a half hours.

Besides having a remote area, Barrow is also very cold. From December to March, the temperature does not go above zero, and the city is cut off with the forest, due to its location, Barrow is an expensive place to live. There are approximately 4,000 people living in Barois, including Alaska Native resident.

Motuo County, China

Isolated Place

Motuo is locate in the southern slope of Tibet, in the southern slopes of the Himalayas. According to Tibetan Buddhism, the motto or “hidden lotus” is the purest and pure area of ​​Tibet. It seems that the modern world not yet come. The Chinese government made a road in 2013, but Motuo is still in its own world. Surprisingly, this Isolated Place enjoys tropical fruits such as bananas and pineapples surrounded by shady mountains of snow.

This is definitely one of the most remote parts of the world. It is not physically too far, but it is between rain and fog. With thick woods and lush vegetation, Motuo has been practically cut off from its neighboring areas. It takes 4 days to hike, and it is closed to foreigners.

Tristan da Cunha

Isolated Place

This group of islands locate in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean can only reach a week long boat journey from South Africa. Most Isolated Place in the world. These volcanic islands are the most remote islands in the world! It is 1500 miles from Saint Helena and South Africa, the coast of South America is also around 2,000 miles away. Tristan is part of the British overseas region St. Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha.

Tristan da Cunha a very rich history, it is discover by Portuguese in 1506, but was later capture by the British Crown. In the first century, British, Italian and American began to come, and now 276 people live in this place. The economy of the island is support by lobster exports and rare tourism. Nowadays, there is a TV and internet connection in the archipelago, but it is the most isolate point on the Earth. It is impossible to build an airstrip on this because the ground is very rocky.

McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Isolated Place

If you want to go to the bottom of the world, then you can not go ahead of Antarctica. As far as you can see Isolated Place, nothing except ice. Apparently except one thousand scientists, who come here every year and live here.

There is no permanent residence near Antarctica, but there are many scientists living there for research. These scientists live in many research stations, the largest of which is McMurdo Station. It is locate near the northern tip of Antarctica. Which is on Ross Island, in which more than a thousand scientists live at the time of summer.

This place almost impossible to reach for use, because it took months in boat trips. Now the situation is different, because there are three air strips and the area is more accessible. The McMurdo station facilities, like golf courses, TVs and gyms for scientists.

Even so, the climate here is extremely harsh. During the whole year, the temperature is below freezing and it only sometimes goes above 0 degree Celsius. But those days are so rare that they are more like the exception of the rule. Unless you are a scientist, you can not do anything and can not go anywhere. This is definitely the last remote place.

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