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Top 5 Mysterious Structure in the World

Mysterious Structure – There are many structures of thousands of years old in the world, no archaeologist, historian or scientist not answers about their creation. These structures still remain big tills for humans. For many years about these places, it was tried to know who would be made, who would built or use for whom? All such questions are still unanswered in Mysterious Structure.

Mysterious Structure in the World

 Teotihuacan City of Mexico

Mysterious Structure

Teotihuacan is locate just outside of Mexico City. This is a ruins city of pyramids. The original name of this place is not Teotihuacan. It is discover by Aztec and he gave this name to this place. Actually Teotihuacan means place of god.

Aztecs believe that this city suddenly appear in the Middle Ages. 500 years ago this place turn into ruins. However, there is no other concept about its existence, because there is nothing available about it in writing. Yet this structure remains a mystery. Looking at this settlement, it can be estimate that 25000 people will be living here. It is built like a modern grid system, just like it happen in New York.

 Azraq Oasis Wheel

Mysterious Structure

The British Royal Air Force pilot Ne, in 1927 when he was on the flight, saw these hundred pieces of diameter from about 82 feet to 230 feet, similar to the wheel. These bizarre figures range from Syria to Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

All these shapes are made of stones. About these figures (Mysterious Structure) in the sandy terrain, archaeologists say that they are more than 2000 years old.But nobody has the answer to who made them and why they made them. There are so many questions that whether it is a monster on the ground or it is the launchpad created for the aliens. Recently scientists have taken aerial photos of these shapes.

 Ancient Lake Structure Sea Of Galilee

Scientists of the Israeli Archaeology Department engage in knowing its secret since 2003. This rock is actually made of thousands of small stones and it is a shape of 230 feet in diameter. Its height is 39 feet. The weight of this rock is 60,000 tonnes.

It is twice as big as Stonehenge and weigh six times higher than the Eiffel Tower.This vast and ancient surface is not formed in the natural form of the sea. This rock is also believe to built in ancient times. Scientists say it (Mysterious Structure )can be 2000 years to 12,000 years old.

 Haunted City Nan Madol

Mysterious Structure

It is a thousand year old ruins settlement near Temwen Island. Only a few people live here, who are horrify by Nan Madol. They also refuse to go here. It is believe that this is the haunted place. You will not find any restaurants or other things around here.

There is no information about this place.There are more than one thousand man-made islands in 200 acres. It is made of 800,000 tonnes of building material. Of these, one weight is 50 tons. These surrounded by water from all sides. The archaeologist believes that these stones must come from neighboring islands.

 Goseck Circle,  The Murder Observatory

Mysterious Structure

This is the Ariel picture of a ruin city in Germany. It started to be call goseck because it is showing the spherical plain inside the ground. Its diameter is 250 feet. It is believe to be an ancient observatory. The archaeologists of Germany researched here for 11 years, but they could not find the right information about it. According to the census, this observatory is 7000 years old.In 2004 – 2005, Goseck Circle (Mysterious Structure) was built by woods and was open to the public on December 21, 2005.

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