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9 Ancient Rock Cut Cave Temple in India

Rock Cut Cave Temple – There are many caves around in India, which are centuries old. Apart from being rock cut cave temple are very special from the eyes of religion. In these caves and cave temples, examples of art of different centuries are found. Today we are going to tell you about such ancient and special rock cut cave temple in India.

Rock Cut Cave Temple

1. Sitabang-Jogemara Cave (Chhattisgarh): 

There are two caves name Sitabang and Jogemara in the Ramgarh hills of the Sarguja district of Chhattisgarh.

To reach here, you have to go through the natural tunnel. These caves can be reach from the hills of Chhattisgarh and through dense forests. These caves are locate near the National Park of Kangra Valley.

cave temples in india

2. Barabar Caves (Bihar):

Barabar caves in Bihar’s Gaya district. These caves are in two hills of Barabar, there are total 4 caves. These caves are among the oldest caves in the country. In these caves many artifacts of Hinduism and the gods and goddesses are seen.

cave temples in india

3. Patal Bhubaneswar Cave Temple (Uttarakhand):

Patal Bhubaneswar Cave locate in Pithoragarh of Uttarakhand is the center of faith of devotees. This cave is within 90 feet of the giant hill.

This cave is locate in Gangolihat, a remote town, between the hilltops, traveling 160 kilometres from Almora, from the famous town of Almora, Uttarakhand, to Sherghagh. Patal Bhubaneswar cave is no less than surprising.

cave temple

4. Parashuram Mahadev Cave Temple (Rajasthan):

This ancient cave temple locate in Aravali in Rajasthan is call Parashuram Mahadev Cave Temple. Inside this cave temple there is a self-made Shiva-linga.

It is said that here Parasurama a terrible penance. On the basis of penance, he receive Dhanush and Divya Chari from Lord Shiva.

rock cut cave temple

5. Badami Cave (Karnataka):

This beautiful and carve cave is locate in Badami, Karnataka. Of the 4 cave of Badami, 2 caves belong to Lord Vishnu, 1 Lord Shiva and 1 Jain religion.

These caves made of red stone cut into the mountains are famous for their beauty. The carvings in the stones are worth seeing.

rock cut cave temple

6. Varah Caves (Tamil Nadu):

Varah Cave in Tamil Nadu, Mahabalipuram of Chennai. In the Varah Cave Lord Vishnu temple. The artwork cut off the rocks is so beautiful that it made part of UNESCO World Heritage. Varah Cave is the center of tourist attraction.

rock cut cave temple

7. Elephanta’s cave (Maharashtra):

A cave name Elephanta is locate about 12 kilometres from the Gateway of India, Mumbai. The name is world famous cave temples in india.

This cave is made by cutting the mountains here. There are about 7 caves, the most important of which is the Mahesh Murthi cave. Elephanta is also known as Gharapuri. In this cave, remarkable images of Nataraja Shiva taken by Ardhanarishwar, Lord Shiva, Ravana and Kailash Mountain. This cave complex  grant UNESCO World Heritage status.

rock cut cave temple

8. Ajanta-Ellora caves (Maharashtra):

This is cave temples in india locate in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. There are 29 Buddhist caves and many Hindu temples in Ajanta.

These caves are famous for its paintings, caves and wonderful temples. This is an old Kailash temple, which is built at least 4 thousand years ago.

rock cut cave temple

9. Amarnath cave (Jammu and Kashmir):

The cave of Amarnath is one of the most important and special pilgrimage sites of Hinduism. It is believe that here Lord Shiva had told the Goddess Amarakatha. In this cave of thousands of years old, still the natural Shiv-ling of ice is produce. Lakhs of devotees visit here every year this is cave temples in india.

rock cut cave temple in india amarnath

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