10. Serenity Beach 

You may enjoy a peaceful and beautiful view of the Bay of Bengal's blue waters at Serenity Beach, which is only a 20-minute drive from the French Colony.

9. Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple

The popular pilgrimage location in Pondicherry, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple, is devoted to the Elephant-headed Lord Ganesa and is visited by tourists as well as locals.

8. Lighthouse

If you fell in love with lighthouses from fairytales as a young people, now is the perfect moment to explore Pondicherry's famous historic and modern lighthouses.

7. Botanical Garden

This large garden, which occupies 22 acres, is known as a hub for education and enjoyment since it offers visitors the opportunity to see more than 1500 different types of plants.

6. Arikamedu

This location was a major hub for Roman trade, and you may see remnants of that time in the form of antiques.

5. War Memorial

The War Memorial, built in honor of the valiant victims who died fighting in World War I, is one of Pondicherry's must-see locations.

4. Aurobindo Ashram

This magnificent Ashram, which bears the name of the revolutionary leader Sri Aurobindo, is a peaceful spot where you may spend some time in meditation.

3. Auroville

South India's Auroville, a universal town, is tucked away between Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with the goal of building a progressive environment.

2. Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach, often called Plage Paradiso, is one of Pondicherry's top tourist destinations.

1. White Town

Since they were constructed about 200 years ago, a few incredibly stunning structures in White Town are well-known heritage monuments in Pondicherry.