Discovering the Wonders of the Colosseum at Night

The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater building in the world, situated in Rome. It is one of the seven wonders in the world which spread across 6 acres and stands 150m tall. The arena is the main attraction which has 80 entrances which helps you to enter and exit quickly.

Primarily, the arena was used for main shows and hosting games with easily seating 80,000 spectators for an array of events. During your visit to the arena, get a chance to admire the amazing seating arrangement where the Emperors sit in the middle and the other sections were designed for Roman soldiers and ordinary citizens.

You can stroll through the secret tunnels which used to be the waiting area before the live performances. Don’t forget to see the amazing wooden elevators that were used to transport the animals and gladiators into the large stage area. Visit the Colosseum at Night for special events ranging from concerts to night tours showcasing its breathtaking architecture and fascinating history. Overall, Colosseum is a fascinating place for anyone looking for anyone historical place

Wonders of the Colosseum at Night

Colosseum at Night

The Hypogeum

Discover the fascinating Hypogeum, an underground complex beneath the Colosseum consisting of a network of tunnels and interconnected doors.

In the past, it served as a waiting area for gladiators during live performances and was the hub of activity. Explore the tunnels that were used to transport dangerous animals such as Giraffe, Elephant, Lion, and Panther, which were featured in live shows.

Additionally, the Hypogeum contains underground chambers and storage rooms for various equipment. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this historical site and gain insights into the ancient Roman way of life.

Wooden Elevators

There are a number of hidden wooden elevators which were used to transport the animals, gladiators and scenery, both up to the back down and large stage area. Visit the unique elevators which were operated  by a team of slaves with the help of a series of ropes, pulleys and lead weight.

So, a trap door and the cage opens simultaneously to allow creatures to run up a stage into the amphitheater. With your Colosseum Tickets get a chance to admire the amazing design which is cleverly concealed under the colosseum and impressive tricks of architecture to build the corridors, maze of tunnels and elevators.


There are separate tunnels for ordinary people and emperors for in and out at the colosseum as it is a way to avoid interaction with each other. You can see the tiles in the tunnels which are elaborately decorated differently from the others.

This is the place where the gladiators and animals prepare for the battles as it is also referred to as the backstage of the amphitheater. See the 36 trap doors which are connected to the main arena via hidden passageways. It is a must visit destination in the colosseum for an unforgettable experience.

Emperor Seat

The Emperor seat is located at the ground level in the middle of the stadium which has an up close view of the arena. The Emperor had two seats on both sides of the arena so that he could watch the gladiator shows from both sides without getting the sun in his eyes.

Visit the 1st tier where the seats were reserved for important state officials which is also considered the best seats for view. The other sections were designed for Roman soldiers and ordinary citizens and the highest tier for women and slaves.

Trap Doors

There are a total number of around 36 trap doors that are built to cage all types of wild animals. It was built to cage wild animals like wolves, bears, lions, boars and tigers that were fought with war criminals and gladiators.

With your Colosseum Tickets see the amazing trap doors and elevators that are connected with each other that open directly into the arena. So, the concept of Trap Doors was built by King Titus’s younger brother, Domitian, who also built the whole Hypogeum.


The Colosseum hosts special events that attract visitors from all over the world. These events range from concerts featuring popular musicians to theatrical performances showcasing ancient Roman culture. Admire the breathtaking architecture of Colosseum at Night which allows you to explore the monument after hours and see it in a different light.

The Colosseum’s incredible architecture and fascinating history make it the perfect venue for any special event, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re visiting Rome.

The cross

The cross at the Colosseum serves as a powerful symbol of Christianity and its enduring impact on Western culture. It is a huge wooden cross that stands in the inside of the Colosseum, placed in 2000 by Pope John Paul for the christian martyrs.

You can view the cross which provides a picturesque backdrop for photography, offering a unique opportunity to capture the intersection of ancient history and contemporary faith. Additionally, Overall, the cross at the Colosseum at Night is a must-see for visitors seeking to immerse themselves in Rome’s rich cultural heritage.

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