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Visiting a zoo with your zoo tickets is one of the best ways to explore the wildlife and plant species of any area. In recent times, the diversity of animals at a zoo is not just limited to the native species of a region but houses animals from all over the world. Experience this vast diversity of flora and fauna when you spend a day traveling and exploring a zoo with your loved ones.


Zoos from across the world are increasingly focusing on preserving animal species in their natural habitat as well as conducting educational programmer to spread awareness about environmental protection. Thus, a visit to the zoo will give you an all round experience, from discovering new animal species to having a day full of learning.


Having a rich and diverse history and plants and animals, South America is renowned for its biological diversity and originality. Discover these exotic flora and fauna, well-preserved in their natural habitat when you visit some of the best zoos in South America with your zoo tickets.

Many of these zoos focus on environmental conservation, respecting the lives of the animals and preserving them in their natural habitat. Observe the variety of birds like macaws, parrots, mammals and aquatic life while learning about their daily lives on a visit to these zoos.


Gramado Zoo, Brazil: Research and education, animal welfare and environment conservation are at the heart of the Gramado zoo, located in the southern state of Rio Grande de Sul. The zoo aims at providing its visitors with an experience of being in close proximity with the Brazilian fauna and reconnecting them back with nature and wildlife.

One of the most unique zoos in South America, the Gramado zoo houses animals in huge armored glass instead of the traditional bars and cages.You will be able to see animals like the jaguar and Brazilian birds with a  focus on environmental education upon your visit here.

Location: ERS 115, km-35 (Várzea Grande) – Gramado – RS

Temaiken, Argentina: Situated in Belen de Escobar, in Argentina the Temaiken zoo is one of the best zoos in South America with world class habitats which imitate the natural habitat of the animals living here. Divided into different segments, the zoo houses animals, birds and aquatic life as well.

Get a chance to see animals like the hippopotamuses, manta rays, sharks and tapirs in the aquatic viewing areas. Furthermore, you will find 2,500 different birds from continents like Asia, Africa and numerous native species inside the largest aviary in South America here.

Location: RP25, B1625 Belén de Escobar, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Matecana Zoo, Columbia: Probably the oldest zoo on the list, Matecana Zoo is located in a beautiful setting in Columbia. The zoo closely resembles the natural habitat of the animals living here, providing a better quality of life to the 150 different animal species of mammals, birds and snakes from all over the world that live here.

The zoo has a long and rich history of animals with the earliest residents being the flamingos, bengal tigers and condors. The zoo slowly expanded to include baboons, antelopes and hippos as well as established environmental conservation programmes for the preservation of the biodiversity of Columbia.

Location: Located in Pereira, Columbia

Sao Paulo Zoo, Brazil: With the aim of protecting animals at the core, the Sao Paulo zoo in Brazil focuses on scientific research, education and preservation of animals. With your zoo tickets, you can visit several attractions here such as the World of Dinosaurs where you will learn more about the animals from the Mesozoic era and the Small Notables, having tiny animals which have a great ecological impact on the environment.

You will also have the chance to see reptiles, colonies of ants and amphibians in the other areas of the zoo. Do not forget to go on a reconnect program conducted by the zoo which will give you the opportunity to learn and experience this diverse world of animals through educational visits.

Location: Av. Miguel Estefano, 4241 – Água Funda, São Paulo – SP, 04301-905, Brazil

Parque Des Aves, Brazil: Reconnecting visitors back to the Atlantic rainforest and its flora and fauna, the Parque des Aves in Brazil is a must visit with your zoo tickets. It is the only zoo in the world focused on the conservation of Atlantic rainforest birds, offering a mesmerizing experience with toucans, parrots, guans and other birds.  Learn more about the endangered bird species here as well as watch birds fly just above your head in the aviary housing 100 macaws.

Location: 12450 Cataratas Road, Foz do Iguaçu – PR – Brazil

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