10. Black Forest, Germany

With its mysterious name, the German Black Forest is full of myths and legends about ghosts, insects, and dark black passageways. 

9. Hallerbos, Belgium

This Belgian forest's floor is covered in an attracting carpet of bluebells that blooms every spring, wrapping visitors in a sea of hues that are similar of a fairytale.

8. Rata Forest, New Zealand

The Rata forest, which is named for its twisted tree trunks and branches, is located on Enderby Island in New Zealand.

7. Crooked Forest, Poland

The uniformly curved trees of the Crooked Forest, which lies outside of Nowe Czarnowo in Poland, confound observers. 

6. Goblin Forest, New Zealand

The appropriately named Goblin Forest, located within Tararua Forest Park and on Mount Taranaki's mid-slope to treeline forests (600-900m up), is an incredibly unusual and spooky place to visit.

5. Stanton Moor, UK

In addition to its natural beauty, this charming forest in a small upland area, which is close to the English village of Birchover, is home to an old mystery.

4. Moss Swamp, Romania

The thrilling picture appears to show a mossy forest area in Romania, but its precise location is still a mystery.

3. The Sea of Trees, or Aokigahara, Japan

The beautifully named "sea of trees" Aokigahara forest is situated at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan, and its vast and mysterious expanse is well-deserved. 

2. Otzarreta Forest, Spain

Hidden within Gorbea Natural Park, Otzarreta Forest is located in Spain's Basque Country and radiates a captivating beauty. 

1. Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

Known as the "Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania," the Hoia-Baciu Forest is considered to be among the most haunted forests in the world.