10 Products That Exist Only In China Product

China product popular all over the world, china made unique products , in this article i am talking about some china product.

China Product

10. Fresh Air Bottle

china product

There is a big air pollution problem with all the industry running in China and recently the Chinese Environment Ministry says there are 9 million sources of pollution in the country.

The Canadian company create a vitality air bottle that fresh air from Rocky Mountain and start selling in China, in a few days it became popular in china. Each air bottle is approximately 100 Yuan, which is approximately 1325 dollars.

The New Zealand company start selling New Zealand air for its 7.7 liters of cans at $ 44. The bottle comes with its own breathing mask, which you just put on your mouth, press the spray button and breathe, and every 7.7 liters bottle has fresh air 180 breaths this is china product.

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9. Live Animal Key rings

Live animal keying uses fully live animals inside heavy plastic. Typically, small turtles or lizards inside these plastic keying pouches, which are fill with colorful water. A bunch of Chinese street vendors sell them happily without discrimination and are completely legal.

The price of the key rings is approximately 3 to 4 dollars or 15 to 20 yuan. Baby Terrapin Turtles, fish and salamanders are sealed inside color oxygenate water with a single food pellet inside the packages, which sells the animal for three months according to the sale (china product).

8. Scorpion Kebab

There are many food stalls in Beijing where you can find almost anything. But it is deep-fry scorpions which may attract more tourist. Scorpions are not pre-Cooke. Scorpions are put alive on the stick, meaning that when a person orders a scorpion, the seller shows that the creature is still alive.

So, that it can prove that it is fresh. Before giving scorpion, it is deep-fry for a few minutes. You can get scorpion kebab from approximately 3 dollar. or 20 yuan, in which four baby scorpions are deep fry on the stick.

7. Phone Kisser

china product

A Chinese University made it call Kissinger. Now this device is like a phone case, which has straps on your phone. From pictures, it looks like some kind of stupid device that people kiss. Actually meet your kiss and your lover’s kiss to find the sensor and vibration.

So if you kiss someone, Kissinger measures different pressure points on your lips. You cannot kiss any French kiss with this device but you can kiss them from any distance. Because it can measure the exact point of your lips on the device.

6. Train Screen

How many times have you slept on the train and miss your stop? It is happen to all of us and you can become very upset and can also be during your time. A Chinese boy was strict on this.

Therefore, they made an invention to end this issue. He just create a scrolling device that says that I wake up at my stop and you can program it in any stop.

5. Cheek Tightener

Cheek Tightener

In China, it is still a big trend to look more Western. That’s because Chinese people see Hollywood movie stars and musicians and they want to look like them, people are trying to start selling, which is called cheek tightener.

It does this to tighten your cheeks and straighten your nose. Chinese Beauty websites also describe china product it as face bra. I have no idea that this really works. It is not so, so some people say that it definitely does not, while others say that it does.

4. Unicycle

A Chinese invention name Li Yongli invent a modern unicycle china product. He took it to a car show and call it the number one car in the world. I think there may be something to say about Lamborghini and Ferrari, but people still buy it. They participate in a lot of funding and now many people are their owners and if you go to any Beijing street you can see one of them.

3. Cupping Kits

china product

It is a form of physical therapy that helps in your muscles. Many of the Olympic athletes tend to help their muscles but some say that it has no effect. Although China is the only country where you can buy them in any health store.
It has recently become a big trend in China and everyone is doing it. Now people who believe in these things, they say that they increase your muscles in your blood flow and even manage the nervous system. Although many doctors have said that they do not really do anything.

2. Robot Chef

In 2011, inventor Cui Runquan create a human robot that prepares shave noodles. A popular noodle variety in China in which noodles are shave with flour, which is boil. The production of robots is being done extensively and is being sold for 2,000 dollars, more than 3,000 have already been sold. Shanghai is also using a fast food chain robot.

1. Panda Tea

Drinks made of Panda Tea panda poop, and it is the world’s most expensive tea. A dry kilo tea will run you up to $ 77,000. Why would anyone want to drink it? The theory is that Panda actually uses only 30 percent of bamboo, which eliminate the remaining unprocessed bamboo in their faxed material.

This facility is locate in Sichuan Province and the owner of Panda Tea Yanshi. An started his company with 11 tons, which he bought from nearby panda sanctuary.

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