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Kings Island Wait Times You Need to Know

Going to the amusement park and riding the new roller coaster is great, but did you know that nobody likes to wait in long lines these days. We are currently kings island wait times ranking from the shortest average wait to the longest. All waiting time rankings in Kings Island, no one likes to wait in a long queue for a coaster, so let’s take a look and see how long it takes to get on the ride when you come back to Kings Island.

If you’re there on a busy day or holiday weekend, depending on when you’re in the park and what time of year, you can double the kings island wait times. That’s the shortest wait on average for a coaster you can expect to race at kings island wait times, and it makes perfect sense.

Because they are usually running in both directions, their capacity is incredible for this ride. It is also one of the older ones and is near the back. So it’s not one of the first rides people will want to ride on Kings Island. So it makes a lot of sense that a racer usually has to wait very little.

Kings Island Wait

Kings Island Wait Times

Woodstock Express

It is quite surprising that they usually run two to three trains on this kitty coaster, but sometimes. think they can add three more to this coaster. Between operations at Kings Island, you and your kids usually only have to wait 12 or 15 minutes for it.

The Bat – Ki Wait Times

You’ll have to wait 13 minutes for it, and that makes a lot of sense because it’s so secluded on the left. This is something you’ll miss if you don’t look at your map and pay attention.

Usually, you have to walk a long way to get in line or get a ride. Which is pretty hilarious, but the bat almost never has a long line. It’s like the longest wait I’ve ever had for this thing, maybe half an hour or 40 minutes.

Adventure Express

Kings Island Wait Times

Besides Bat, there is another ride called Adventure. It takes 13 minutes to get on this ride; even if the line is almost entirely at the front of the queue, it’s not a very long queue, and they run it very quickly with multiple trains. So its operations are really good, so I totally agree with the 13-minute average.

Flying Ace Aerial Chase

Kings Island Wait Times

Flying Ace aerial chase with an average wait time of 19 minutes now this One can get pretty long if you’re in Planet Snoopy on a busy day with your Kids, I think they can only run one train.

on this, so obviously that’s going to slow down capacity a lot on this old become hanging bang,

Vertigo – Kings Island Queue Times

Kings Island Wait Times

The same boat, it can easily be doubled or triple that weight because it only runs one train on the track at a time, really. reducing capacity, so what may it look like? A short line usually ends up being pretty long here with an average weight of 22 minutes, we have Banshee now.

Banshee has some of the best operations. I’ve ever seen a roller coaster on most days, so it’s often much less than 22 minutes, even on a busy day. but during hot weather, it can get to like maybe an hour, but that’s probably about the longest I’ve ever seen Banshee break.

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ride wait times kings island

Coaster with an average wait time of 25 minutes, these cars are really cool as They have Mini Coopers and whatnot, but it’s bad because they can only fit 12 people per train, and they do Run three trains; they’re pretty optimized for what they can do, but This is a very popular ride, and a lot of Families and a lot of kids love it too, so This one can get a pretty long waiting.


kings island line wait times

The top five we have Diamondback with an average wait time of 26 minutes now this BM hyper is awesome It’s totally worth every bit of that 26 minutes, or if it’s two or three times longer than that, it’s still worth it, and the line may seem really long, but usually capacity is really great on all these BM at.


kings island rides

The average wait time will be 30 minutes. So Orion is still a relatively new ride. but it still has great capacity, and it’s towards the back of the park, so there’s not always a tonne of people back there. But depending on what time you’re there There can be a lot, and it can be packed.

But I found that Orion is deceptively moves very quickly, and usually it’ll be less than what the posted wait time is out front on the sign tied with Orion but I think it’s slightly longer than Orion, in my opinion, just because capacity is a little bit less, and the The line moves a bit slower in Mystic.

Mystic Timber

Timbers again with a 30-minute average wait time Mystic Timbers is another one. of those that are totally worth every minute of that weight, it’s one of the best gcis It’s a great ride. You get a lot of strong pops of air time, and if The pacing is great; it really doesn’t Slowing down the intensity is just awesome.

I highly recommend riding Mystic.Timbers, this is the third longest line. You should theoretically wait for average at Kings Island is now the second The longest line that you’ll wait for is the Kings Island wait times.

The Beast

kings island queue times

Beast, with an average wait time of 37 minutes, and this one really makes sense. The Beast is so iconic that everyone loves riding this thing, especially at night, if It’s a night ride, you know. Expect this to be at least double that kings island wait times. Just saying because everybody thinks this is such a legendary night ride, and it is and because this is a bit older and especially after the retracting.

I know They’ve had some issues with the brakes, bringing the train into the station, so operations have slowed down a little bit, but the train is so long and The ride is so long, and they’re running. So many trains on the track that usually the operations and capacity here are pretty good, and finally, with the average longest kings island wait times of any ride.

Flight of Fear

Fear with an average wait time of 48 minutes, which is a lot if you think about averages because most days Kings island isn’t even that crowded, but almost every day you’re going to be There’s going to be a 45-minute wait. This is such a GP magnet for the general The public loves this ride.

It’s indoors, so It’s air conditioned on the inside most of the time, so it feels good during a hot summer day, but don’t let this fool this capacity can be pretty slow.

This line often moves pretty slowly. Fear is usually the longest wait time. of the day, surprisingly, even though it’s not the best ride at King’s Island. So if you’re going to try to get all of the credits here at KI, try to get a flight of fear as early in the day as possible or as late in the day as possible.

Because during the afternoon when there’s the most people at the park, and when it’s the hottest part of the day, most people are going to go straight for flight of fear and wait for. However long that’s going to be, and honestly, it’s usually well over an hour for this thing, so just Keep that in mind when you go and visit Kings Island,

What are the longest kings island wait times of the day going to be when go to Kings island, so the flight of fear and the Beast is probably going to be your longest two, but Mystic Timbers and Orion Diamondbacks can all have pretty long wait as well, because those are probably the most popular at Kings Island.

Mystic Timbers, Orion Diamondback Those will get the most riders through and the capacities are usually pretty. Great on those three, so the lines will look long, but they’ll usually move. pretty quickly, whereas a flight of fear The line moves very slowly and has very bad capacity, so it’s going to be a long Wait, same thing with Backlot Stunt coaster’s slow capacity, so it’s going to be a longer wait, same with invertigo a a line that looks short might be doubled or tripled the amount of wait time.


Typically see the kings island wait times do you agree with the queue times? average wait time again this is average wait times by ride to be the most accurate information for the most recent season. So you guys can leave a comment.

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