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Food Price in Hawaii: What You Need to Know

Hello, is food more expensive in hawaii ? So a lot of people ask how much Food Price in Hawaii for a week.

Food Price in Hawaii

Here’s what we did on day one: We spent 56.60 on an early dinner at Kona Brewing Company and then went to the ABC store for some bottled water for a total of 62.81.

Food Price in Hawaii

We rented a condo that had a full kitchen. So we figured we would go shopping and save some money by cooking some of our meals at home. The grand total came out to $238.54.

The next morning, we decided it would be fun to walk around Waikiki. We parked at the zoo for three dollars. Then we went people-watching, which is free, and went into the ABC store for some hand sanitizer. It’s still a pandemic. Five dollars for one cent.

Day Two and Three Expenses, Free Activities, and Dining Out

Day 2 and 3 Watching the sunset is free, and we did it every night. Dinner on day two was at Maui Brewing Company in Waikiki for a total of eighty-seven dollars and thirty cents for a total of $333.85. On to day three, and we got up early and went to Lanikai Beach. With its beautiful views, Lanikai Beach is just priceless.

Food Price in Hawaii

Lunch was at our favourite Kalapawai deli, with sandwiches and drinks for a total Food Price in Hawaii of $30.51. Before heading back to the condo, we stopped at Magic Island Lagoon, which is a beautiful beach just next to Ala Moana Beach, and then we watched another epic sunset. We made dinner at home for day three, total of thirty dollars and fifty-one cents.

Top Things to do in Honolulu Hawaii

Day Four to Seven Expenses, Food Price in Hawaii

On to day four. You can never have enough Lanikai, and we enjoyed putting our drone up and getting some epic views. Day 3 was brunch at home, and then the most amazing thing happened. We were driving down La Moana Beach Park, and we randomly ran into a Magnum PI filming. We watched a few minutes of filming, and then we headed up to the north shore and had some shave ice at Matsumoto’s in Hollywood. We shared a shave ice for $5.71, and it was amazing.

Food Price in Hawaii

It was a beautiful day for a drive around the north shore, and when we got to a Chineseman’s hat, the sun came out even more, and we put the drone up as just another example of all the things that are free to do in Hawaii.

Day 5 and 6 that are free to do In Hawaii, dinner was on the rooftop at Tommy Bahamas. It was a splurge for a total of $100. Day four totals 105 dollars and 71 cents.

Day five started at Leonard’s, and wow, were they good? We then headed over to the west side of Oahu to check out the coves at Koalina.

We had fun putting the drone up and finding sea turtles enjoying the beaches; it was a really nice day. When we were finished, we went to the monkey pod, which is a restaurant across from the Iolani Disney hotel, and we enjoyed a late lunch and early dinner for 85 dollars and four cents for a total of $94.83.

On to day six. A shout out to our friend Cindy. Thank you for taking us to yoga. We enjoyed the Aloha French Toast, Ube pancakes in a skillet, steak, and eggs, thanks Cindy. Now, if you have a car, we highly suggest you take a drive up Tantalus/Round-top drive for these amazing views.

Day 7 Dinner that night was at Waikiki Brewing Company for a total of 50.86 on day seven, and we saved the best for last, Mauro Kame Udon. We had never been there before because the line is usually around the block from this place. It is amazing. We both enjoyed the teriyaki noodle bowl, and we had some tempura on the side. One was chicken, and one was sweet potato tempura. It was amazing, and I cannot wait to go back. Please forgive what might be my fault—my chopstick habits.

Tips for Saving Money in Hawaii

Lunch Outro If you’re looking for something else that’s free on Oahu, try the Lanikai pillbox hike. It’s moderately hard, not too hard. When you get to the top, the views are amazing. We then went over to the Ala Moana Centre and did some window shopping and ended the night with dinner at the harbour pub for a total Food Price in Hawaii of 86.36 for day seven.

Hawaii doesn’t have to be expensive. To save, buy a condo with a kitchen. You don’t need costly tours and beaches, and hikes are free. I hope this gives you some idea of how much money you would need to bring for a party of two for a week on Oahu if you got this far in the video. Thank you so much for watching. In the comments, type “aloha” so I know you made it to the end

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