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Worst Time to Travel to Bali Before You Go

Bali  is famous for its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and peaceful environment. This location is unique in that it combines the sea, mountains, and forests. That is why, every year millions of tourists move towards Bali.

However, have you ever wondered what could be the worst time to travel to bali? If not, don’t worry, let us tell you which time can be the worst time to travel to bali.

worst time to travel to bali

Worst Time to Travel to Bali

During monsoon season:

Monsoon season in Bali is between July and September. Here it is the rainy season and rain showers are maximum. Traveling to Bali during this time can be more difficult as the water is constantly falling and travelers need to be careful.

Due to rain, roads also become slippery and the climate can deteriorate in many places. Traveling to Bali during this time can not only be dangerous but also not enjoyable.

During summer:

worst time to travel to bali

Summer in Bali is between March and October. At this time the temperature is high and the strong rays of the sun try to burn you.

The summer season here can be extremely unbearable and travelers may face discomfort due to the extreme heat. During this time, the land in Bali dries up and there may be water shortages, making travel more inconvenient.

In the crowd of tourists:

Bali is very crowded during its tourist season, which runs from November to February. It is extremely difficult to travel during this time as hotels, restaurants, and attractions are crowded. You run the risk of getting lost in prioritizing your trip and making the most of your experience.

On special dates: It is also wise to visit Bali on certain special dates. This may include local festivals, religious events, or large events during which crowds may increase and travel may become difficult.

Pros and Cons for Every Month

worst time to travel to bali

January and February: Overcast and rainy, not ideal for beach activities but good for cultural exploration. Hotels are generally cheaper during this time.

March: Big waves make it great for surfing, with fewer rainy days compared to earlier months.

April: Ideal for beachgoers and diving enthusiasts. It’s also a quieter time for holidays, perfect for spiritual immersion.

June to August: Optimal conditions for diving, enjoying sunsets or sunrises, and trekking or mountaineering.

 July: The weather is still great, but it’s school holiday season, leading to more local tourists and potentially crowded attractions.

September and October: Hot and humid weather, with a higher risk of influenza this season worst time to travel to bali. Good for those looking to get a tan.

November and December: Generally good weather with a few short rains, but prices may be higher due to Christmas and New Year holidays.

Ramadan: Local tourists flock to Bali, making it harder to find cheap hotels.


Therefore, it is important to choose the right time to visit Bali. It may not be good to visit here during monsoon and summer season, while it may be difficult to enjoy the peace during tourist season. If you are looking for peace and refreshment, you may choose to have alone and quiet time, which can show you the true paradise of Bali.

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