Prambanan Temple Story in Indonesia

Prambanan Temple of Lord Shiva

A very beautiful and ancient prambanan temple of Lord Shiva in Java,  Indonesia. This temple of Lord Shiva, built in the 10th century, is known as Prambanan temple. About 17 km from the city Locate on the distance, this temple is very beautiful and ancient, as well as famous for a story related to it.

There is a statue of a goddess along with Lord Shiva in this temple. That idol is worship as Goddess Durga. Here is a story behind the establishment of Goddess. It is said that at one time there was a demon king name Praabu Baka of Java. She had a very beautiful daughter, name Roro Jonggangong. Bandung Bondovosso, a person who want to marry Roro Jonggarang, but Roro Jonggarang did not want to do that.

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Roro to refuse Bandung marriage proposal Bondovoso Jonggrng laid bets ahead of him. Condition that Bandung Bondovoso to create a thousand images in a single night. If he does that, then Roro Jonggangang will marry her. To fulfill the conditions made 999 statues in one night Bandung Bondovoso reported and he going to make the final image. Seeing Roro Jonggrng have the same light of day with the installation of fire equipment to the entire city of rice.

Story of the Temple

When Bandung Bondovoso came to know the truth, he became very angry and he curse Roro Jonggarang to become the last idol. The same statue of Roro Jongrangang is worship in the Prambanan temple as Goddess Durga.Due to the fact that the story of this temple is connect to Roro Jonggarang, the local people here also know this temple by name as Roro Jonggarang Temple. Roro Jonggarang Temple or Prambanan Temple is an important center of devotion for the Hindus as well as local people.

There are three main temples in Prambavan temple – one Lord Brahma, one Lord Vishnu and one of Lord Shiva. The faces of all Gods idols are towards the east direction. In front of every main temple related to it in the west direction. This temple dedicated to God’s vehicles. Hans in front of Lord Brahma, Garuda for Lord Vishnu and Nandi temple for Lord Shiva. Apart from these, there are many more temples in the premises.

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Shiva temple locate in Prambanan and it is very big and beautiful. This temple is in the middle of the temples of the three gods. There are four rooms inside the Shiva temple. One of which is the huge statue of Lord Shiva, in the second is the idol of Lord Shiva’s disciple Agastya; in the third it is the statue of Lord Ganesha in the fourth and the fourth Parvati. Lord Vishnu in the north of Shiva temple and Lord Brahma temple in the south.

prambanan temple

The beauty and texture of Prambanan temple is worth seeing. Pictures of Hindu epic Ramayana also remain on the walls of the temple. These pictures show the story of Ramayana. This artwork on the walls of the temple makes this temple even more beautiful and attractive.

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