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Interesting Facts about Great Pyramids of Giza

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Great Pyramids of Giza

You must heard about great pyramids of giza, it is amazing in its own right. Just like Indian civilization, Egypt is very old and the remains of ancient civilization. There are 138 pyramids in Egypt, and only the Great pyramids of giza in Cairo is in the list of seven wonders of the ancient world. This is the only such monument in the seven ancient wonders of the world that could not even finish the time.

The pyramids of Egypt built for the emperors there, in which the bodies of the kings are buried and kept safe. These dead bodies are call Mummy. Not only the dead bodies of them buried, but their dead bodies buried with them along with their food items, clothes, jewelry, utensils, music instruments, weapons, animals and many times. Everyone knows about their vastness, but there are some interesting facts related to them, which you will be surprise.

Facts about Great Pyramids of Giza

1. This pyramid is 450 feet high. For 43 centuries it is the tallest structure in the world. Its premises area over 13 acres, which is about 16 football grounds. It is made up of 25 lakh limestone segments, each of weights between 2 to 30 tons. 

2. If the length, height, and angles of the Great Pyramid edges are measure, different things related to the Earth can be accurately calculate.

pyramids of giza

3. The stones are use in the Pyramid for inside temperature. It is always constant and the average temperature of the Earth remains at 20 degrees Celsius.

4. Evidence suggests that it is built around 2560 BC as the tomb of the fourth ruler of Egypt’s ruler Khufu. It takes about 23 years to build it.

 5. Ball and Socket made in the four corners of the pyramid. So, that the heat is protect from the area and earthquake.

Mystery of pyramids

6. The Great pyramids of giza often question? that how did the Egyptians of the modern tools, without any machines, reach the height of huge stone pieces at 450 feet high and complete this huge project in just 23 years?

Pyramid expert Ivan Haddington calculate that if this happen, it would be necessary for dozens of workers to keep a stone block in every second minute, during the 10 hours of work every day in 365 days of the year. This is possible? Egyptians use the pyramid to explore the motion of the Earth and the velocity of light in the orbit of the observatory, calendar, sundial and sun.

8. According to experts, the Stone blocks outside the pyramid  properly scale and fit that even a blade can not be insert into the joints. Several celestial bodies found in the construction of pyramids, such that the three pyramids are in the right direction of the three stars of the torian zodiac. Over the years scientists trying to find the secret of these pyramids, but no success done.

pyramids of giza

9. Pyramid is also call stroke of mathematics, in which the future can be computed.

10. Pyramids of giza 146 meters high. Some people also talk of magical influences locate in the pyramids which have an auspicious effect on human health.

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