hottest city in india

Hottest City in India Highest Recorded Temperature

Hottest City in India

Let us tell you the hottest city in India, where the temperature has broken all the records.

India is a hot country. The reason for this can also be said that the Northern Tropic passes from the very center of India.

And India is not too far from the equator. India is only 8 degrees away from the equator. The part of the Earth on which India exists.

The sunlight falls quite well on that part. There is also a high low plateau rocky land in India.

hottest city in india

Which makes the surrounding environment even warmer due to the heat of sunlight.

Which probably bothers us Indians the most. But which are the hottest places in india

First of all, you need to know that what you call summer. What does that mean ?

After all, what is the reason for this heat? And who is actually called summer?

For this we need to understand it as a science.

Actually, we call it heat when the temperature of the atmosphere becomes high. And the higher the temperature of the atmosphere,

This is due to the heat present in the air. And the amount of it present in the air comes from the rays of the sun itself.

And it is heat that makes us feel cold or hot. Where the sun’s rays fall more on the earth.

There is a high amount of heat in the air of that place. And the place where the sun’s rays fall short on the earth,

The amount of heat in the air of that place is less and it feels cold there.

Cold in the north and more heat in the south

Now see as you go near the equator. Due to excessive sunlight there, the temperature will be high.

And as you go away from the equator towards the poles, due to less sunlight, the temperature will be low.

And there will be more cold. Now it is the same in India.

In India, the more you go towards north, Jammu and Kashmir Punjab, Himachal and Uttarakhand there will not be much increase in temperature.

The more you go south, such as Nagpur, Vidarbha region, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, you will get more heat due to heat or humidity.

Know about Hottest Place in India

Churu: Hottest Place in India

Located in the state of Rajasthan, Churu can be called the hottest place in India.

Located in northern Rajasthan, the temperature in Churu goes up to 50 degrees Celsius on summer days.

And in winter, the temperature here also goes below zero. Churu has become quite famous in India due to its varied temperature changes.

But the great thing is that why does Churu get so hot?

So let’s first know why Churu present in India is so hot?

Tree plant in Churu district is very less. That is, the number of forests here is very less.

Because it is a desert place. Along with this, trees and trees which grow here in the desert.

Their number is also steadily decreasing here. Because here it rains very rarely.

And here the water present inside the land is also going down very low.

Also the sand here is less thick, which heats the surface very quickly.

Hence Churu district is the hottest place in India.

Gwalior – Most Hottest City in India

Gwalior falls in semi-arid area. That is, the yellow color in the map,

In that area. Simply put, Gwalior also falls in the semi-desert region.

Therefore, there is also more heat here.

Often on summer days the temperature here goes above 48 degrees Celsius highest temperature city in india.

Chandrapur – Hottest Place in India

Why chandrapur is so hot ?

Chandrapur falls in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Which falls in a semi desert area.

Here also the temperature goes above 48 ° C.

The temperature here is so high that it becomes absolutely impossible to cultivate here.

In summer, the land here becomes barren.

Ahmedabad – Hottest City of India

Ahmedabad also falls in the semi-desert region. And the heat here is very tremendous.

The temperature remains 45 to 48 degrees Celsius during summer.

Ahmedabad present in Western India is famous for its industrialization.

Also, the heat of Ahmedabad is also famous all over India.

Jaisalmer – Hottest Place in India

Jaisalmer is present on desert land. That is why the heat falls here.

On the Jaisalmer on sandy ground, when the light of the sun shines,

Then it makes the surrounding environment and the entire surface very hot.

So here the temperature goes up to 50 degree Celsius during summer.

Naogaon – Hottest Place in India

Nowgaon, a town in the Chhattarpur district of central India in the Vindhya region, is counted among some of the hottest places in India.

The rocky ground here brings the temperature up to 48 degree Celsius.

With this Chhatarpur falls on the Tropic of Cancer. Therefore, it is common to have high temperatures here.

It is one of the hottest places in Madhya Pradesh.

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