Mountains of Alberta

Best Places to Visit in Canada Famous Tourist Spot

Best Places to Visit in Canada – Canada is a very big and beautiful country, it attracts tourists due to its great hospitality and attractive tourist places, and it is a colorful country. We known it for its cleanliness and beauty.

The inclusion of British and French culture is seeing in Canada, 75% of the population in Canada is Christians, and people of all religions live here. Canada is very famous for its traditional festivals, so let us know about places to visit in Canada.

Best Places to Visit in Canada

Niagara Falls

Best Places to Visit in Canada

Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Canada, the water falling from the high hills beautify this place.This place looks like a heaven on Earth. This place got the title of Honeymoon Capital of the World.The food of the place is much delicious than other places in the this country.

When the winter season comes, Niagara Falls freezes in the form of snow. Even after the Niagara Water Falls has turned into snow, tourists keep coming in long queues to see this sight here. Seeing Niagara Falls frozen with snow is a different experience in itself.

The best and beautiful view in Niagara Falls is at night. Because during the night, colorful lights would be thrown on the water of this spring. Tourists get mesmerized by seeing the colorful lights here.

Quebec City

Best Places to Visit in Canada

The city of Quebec is one of the oldest cities and Best Places to Visit in Canada. We can feel French Heritage here. Most of the buildings are build according to the interior of France. Its architecture attracts tourists.

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Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a beautiful place in Canada, it is very famous for its sandy beaches and red rocks, and in the evening, there is a different feeling of bathing here.

National Park of Canada

Best Places to Visit in Canada

The National Park of Canada is quite famous for its beautiful hills. It is call nothing less than heaven on earth. UNESCO has declared this place as World Heritage Site.

Cape Breton Island

Best Places to Visit in Canada

It is an island off the coast of North America. This is famous for its beautiful paths everywhere. Delicious crepes dish is also available here.

Abraham Lake

It is a very good tourist destination in Canada, the temperature decreases to minus 30 Fahrenheit in winter, causing water bubbles to rise in the lake and freeze immediately. This is a very beautiful sight.

Western Brook Pond

It is locate in the National Park of Newfoundland 10 miles long. It is also call Natural Masterpiece. Here you will see waterfalls, old rocks, high mountains, which is nothing short of an adventure.

Peggy Cove

It is a small village in Canada that is famous for its stinging scenery, fresh seafood. This place is quite famous because of the lighthouse.


Victoria is a beautiful tourist destination in Canada know for its aromatic climate, natural beauty and history. Here you will find historical heritage, museums, nature trails and parks.

Nahanni National Park

The park stretch over 4700 square kilometers. Here you will find large waterfalls and caves.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge

This bridge was built in 1889 and is built over the Capilano River. Its length is 137 meters. It is show in some TV shows and movies.

Lucy Lake

It is a very beautiful lake, its water is blue. It is locate in Banff National Park, which is 2.5 kilometres long and 90 meters deep. Skating takes place here in winter.

New Brunswick

The tide ebbs here are know worldwide for the highest altitude. It is count among the most important places in the world to observe and understand the tide. The whale sighting is also a big attraction for tourists.

Churchill’s Polar Bears


No paved road leads to northern Manitoba, so a train or flight is require reaching Churchill, this small town. This city is calling Polar Bear Capital of the world because more than a thousand endangered bears arrive here every year.

Mountains of Alberta

Mountains of Alberta

It is the most famous tourist destination in Canada know as the Canadian Rockies. As such, there is more than one mountain in the world where people go for summer vacation or skiing. However, there is no comparison to the mountains in this area of Canada.

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