Zabriskie Point

Death Valley in One Day Explore The National Park

How to spend death valley in one day and explore the National Park. So you may be wondering is one day enough in Death Valley, the largest national park in the lower 48? Well, I am here to tell you that yes, it is!

We are going to explore some of the best things that the national park has to offer, including trekking through sand dunes and exploring below sea level. So let’s get into death valley in one day!

Death Valley in One Day

Zabriskie Point

Death Valley in One Day

Death Valley was about four and a half hours from Palm Springs. We threw our bags at the hotel real quick and we were heading to our first spot, Zabriskie Point.

This is our first stop in Death Valley and it’s one of the most popular spots in the entire park. They even have an asphalt trail walking you to the top, so very, very popular spot. We’re going to check it out and show you what it looks like above.

So we just started up the trail and you’re already greeted with these absolutely beautiful views, so not even anywhere close to the top yet. So we just saw Zabriskie Point, it was really, really cool, amazing overlooks.

Artists Palette

Death Valley in One Day

Now we are heading to Artist’s Palette, and along the way we’re going to be looking for some mug cracks. Now we’re on our way to Devil’s Golf Course and you drive down a dirt road.

So we just explored Devil’s Golf Course, now we’re heading over to Artist’s Palette where we should see some really beautiful colorful mountains. We started driving down the one-way road into Artist’s Palette and we found this really cool outcrop.

You have all those colors, I hope they could pop in the video for you, but they’re greens and purples and blues, it’s really beautiful, it’s just an outstanding overlook. We just finished up at Artist’s Palette.

Badwater Basin

Death Valley in One Day

Now we are heading over to Badwater Basin for sunset, it’s supposed to be absolutely beautiful. So we’re hoping to get a really nice colorful sky to end it. It looks like we are definitely going to catch that sunset, but one thing that a lot of people do not tell you is that once you get to the parking lot, you’re not at the salt flats.

You have to walk quite a bit away if you want to see classic hexagon outlines of the salt. But we’re here, the sun is still up and we’re hoping to get some awesome colors, although I don’t see any clouds in the sky so I don’t know if we’ll see that really unique like mixture with the clouds and stuff.

So we made it to Badwater Basin right before the sun set, now we’re just waiting for the colors to change. But you could see all the way down there if you could see the cars, it is quite a walk, at least 25 minutes for you to be able to see those actual hexagons. But the view is beautiful once you make it out this way, colors are really beautiful.

One thing you should note is that once the sun goes down it does get cold, so bring something, bring some type of light.

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Death Valley in One Day

Mesquite Sand Dunes are pretty massive, it takes a little bit to walk out from the parking lot to get to some of the bigger dunes, but definitely worth seeing. When you walk in sand it’s like taking three steps forward and 10 steps back.

I hope you enjoy this article death valley in one day, if you have any question you can ask to comment box.

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