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Top Things to do in Honolulu Hawaii 2024

Top things to do in Honolulu – Honolulu is the largest city in the US state of Hawaii and is also its capital. Honolulu means shelter port or serene port. And lots of places for tourist attractions and top things to do in Honolulu you need a lot of time to explore them all. Here we will tell you in detail the main three places to top things to do in Honolulu.

Top things to do in Honolulu

Honolulu Pacific culture

Honolulu is a great place for Pacific culture, food and traditions. Places to visit in Hawaii and attractions for tourists are Ala Moana Center, Aloha Tower, Bishop Museum, Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Museum of Art, Zoo, Iolani Palace, National Monument, Cemetery of Pacific, USS Arizona Memorial, Waikiki Aquarium, Waikiki Beach, Waikiki Trolley, International Market Place and Kapiolani Park.

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Top Things to do in Honolulu

  1. Ala Moana Center
  2. Aloha Tower
  3. Bishop Museum
  4. Diamond head
  5. Hanauma Bay
  6. Museum
  7. Zoo
  8. Iolani Palace
  9. National Monument
  10. Cemetery of Pacific
  11. Arizona Memorial
  12. Waikiki Aquarium
  13. Waikiki Beach
  14. Vikki Trolley
  15. International Market Place

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Kapiolani Park

Honolulu, the capital of the US state of Hawaii and the most inhabited city, has a number of excursions that make it a must-visit tourist destination and make your tour a satisfying experience. The city is service by International Airport, so it is quite easy to reach this place.

Here are the top things to do in Honolulu which every new visitor should keep in mind before coming to this city. USS Arizona Memorial, second on the list is the USS Missouri and the last is Diamond Head.

USS Arizona Memorial

Built in 1962 and declared as a National Historic Site in 1989, the USS Arizona Memorial Battleship at Pearl Harbor stands on top of the submerged hull, which was attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941. The 184-foot bridge-shaped monument in the center is in three sections: entrance, assembly and shrine.

Top things to do in Honolulu

It can carry 200 people at a time and can be reach through a shuttle boat. It is seen by over 2 million people annually. This monument is an attraction that provides historical insight of the attack, organizes the ceremony and takes it on observation.

USS Missouri

The USS Missouri, locate at 63 Cowpens Street, which open to the public in 1999, is a museum ship that conducts guide or self-guide tours, educational events and events.

Top things to do in Honolulu

This ship creates awareness about the United States’ legacy of strength, sacrifice, honor, duty, and resolve. Go to the ship and find its history. Here you will learn about the role of this ship in World War II, Operational Desert Storm, and Korean War. Getting into this ship is a very luxurious experience and is truly one of the top tourist destinations.

Diamond Head

Diamond Head ranks third on the list of top things to do in honolulu U.S. In 1968 Designed as a National Natural Landmark, Diamond Head is a dormant volcanic cone and one of Honolulu’s top attractions due to its proximity to beaches and famous resorts.

Top things to do in Honolulu

Its cone resemble the shape of the dorsal fin of the tuna. You have to climb three-quarters of a mile to see views of the Pacific Ocean and the Waikiki; It takes a round trip of about one and a half to two hours. For the never before experience, you need to book your flight ticket to Honolulu. To save more, reserve your ticket for Honolulu from the Internet.

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