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Interesting Facts About The Lohagarh Fort History

Lohagarh Fort History – The ‘Fortress of Lohagarh’ in Rajasthan Bharatpur district. The only unstoppable fortress (Lohagarh Fort) of India, because no one ever won the fort built from the soil, even the British who attacke this fort on 13 occasions with their guns. Rajasthan the King of the desert, there are many places that attract visitors, one of these the Lohagarh Fort.

Lohagarh Fort History

Lohagarh Fort built by Jat ruler Maharaja Surajmal in the beginning of the 18th century. Maharaja Surajmal settle in the princely state of Bharatpur. He imagine a fort which is very strong and ready in less money. The practice of guns and gunpowder very high at that time, so a special technique use to build this fort, so that gunpowder balls neutral on the wall.

Cannon balls fell into the stomach of the wall

It is not as big as the other forts of Rajasthan, but this fort is still consider invincible. Another important thing of this fort is that there is a thick wall of mud around the fort. At the time of construction, the high wall of the strong stone wall of the fort first construction. 

In such way, crossing the water and climbing the flat wall hardly impossible. That is not easy to attack this fort because the shells shot from the cannon fell into the wall of mortar and their fire calm. Despite such number of spots being point, the stone wall of this fort is becoming safer as soon as possible.

So, the enemy could never enter this fort. According to James Tad, the British historian who wrote the history of Rajasthan, the biggest feature of this fort is that its walls are made of clay. However, defeating this fort not less than chewing iron gram.

The British could not distinguish this fort after 13 times of attack

This strong Fort is also know as the East Gate of Rajasthan. Here Jat the ruler of kings who are know for their perseverance. He left no stone upturn to protect this fort. On the other hand, the British attack 13 times to take this fort in their empire.

The English army blowing the shells from the cannon and the balls going to rest of the mud of Bharatpur soil. Once in 13 attacks, he could not distinguish this fort. When the British army became frustrated by repeated defeats, they fled from there.

There is also a saying that the British did not have a single presence in front of the bravery of the Jats of Bharatpur.

Lohagarh Fort

The fort taken out of Delhi

The door of this fort has its own specialty. The doors of Octal metal which taken away from Alauddin Khilji  from Chittoor, Raja Maharaj Jawahar Singh of Bharatpur uproot from Delhi put him in this fort. Interesting thing about the fort is that there is not a fraction of iron anywhere in it.

It known in the name of Lohagarh fort due to its impenetrable. Jawahar Burj is on one corner of the fort, which is built in 1765 by Jats Maharaj on the attack on Delhi and the monument of his victory. There is a turret on the other side – Fatah Burj, which is a memorable.

Lohagarh Fort india

When the British attacked Bharatpur

King Jalshwarrao come to Bharatpur by fighting Holkar and fighting the English forces. Jat Raja Ranjeet Singh promise him that will sacrifice everything to save you. Lord Lech, commander of the British Army, sent a message to Jat Raja Ranjit Singh of Bharatpur. That either he handed over Jaswantrao Holkar to the British, otherwise he consider himself to be the cause of death. This threat against the downright Jat king’s nature.

Jat Raja famous for his honor and glory. Raja Ranjit Singh got up and he sent a message to Lord Lake that he would take his or her pray. We have learne to fight, do not bow down. Lord Lake, commander of the English army, felt very bad and immediately attack Bharatpur with heavy army. Jat army stares with fearlessness.

The English army blowing the shells from the cannon and the balls  going to rest of the mud Bharatpur soil. Even after the gruesome attack of cannon balls, when the fort of Bharatpur was delayed, surprises and sensation spread in English army.

Lord Lake wonder about the amazing potential of this fort.The message of the treaty repeat again and Raja Ranjit Singh again challenge the English army. The army of the British continue to come with logistic and ammunition and he continuously attack . But Fort of Bharatpur, and Jat armies, who kept on sticking to the British attack and smiling. Historians say that under the leadership of Lord Lake, English forces invade this fort 13 times. 

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