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Indian Ancient Cities Of Mahabharat Place

Cities Of Mahabharat Place

Many ancient cities mention in the famous Hindu Book, which are still spreading in present day India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Here we are telling you about some such cities of mahabharat place.

Cities Of Mahabharat

Gandhar :

Today Kandhar, once known as Gandhar. The country area from Rawalpindi to far off Afghanistan. Dhritarashtra wife Gandhari the daughter of Raja Sobhan of that city. Gandhari’s brother, Shakuni the uncle of Duryodhan. There is a tradition about Gandhar that Pandava leaves for the Himalayas after the war of Mahabharat. Here the descendants of Pandavas, Jainamayya, who scourge the snake of his father’s examination.

Indraprastha and Khandwparasta :

The Indraprastha and Khandavaprastha which is mention in the Mahabharat, is presently India’s capital Delhi.

Ujjanika :

In the Mahabharat, the place name Ujjaniika is presently Kashipur, which is locate in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Here Guru Dronacharya taught the Kauravas and the Pandavas. It is said about the Dronasagar lake locate here that the Pandavas built this lake as Guru Dakshina.

Panchal Raajya :

Panchal is one of the legendary 16 Mahajanapadas. The ancient name of the state of the region of Bareilly, Badayun and Farrukhabad districts of western Uttar Pradesh. It area from Kanpur to the Gangetic plains between Varanasi.

Cities Of Mahabharat

Vrindavan :

The Vrindavan of Mahabharat period is still known by this name, which is presently locate in Uttar Pradesh. 

Mathura :

In the Mahabharat, the town of Kansa is mention Mathura. This place is still known by this name. It is here that Lord Krishna born. Here even today, devotees come to visit the shrine.

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