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Dudhsagar Falls in Goa Step by Step Guide and Information

Dudhsagar Falls in Goa – Dudhsagar Falls by Train, as soon as this name remembered, the view of the train going through the huge milky waterfall begins to emerge on the mantle. High, flaky and everlasting this delightful waterfalls has become a major tourist spot in Goa. In many ways, the credit for this goes to the films of India, which have taken its beauty on screen and brought it to the public mind.

Dudhsagar Falls in Goa

Dudhsagar Falls Story

Dudhsagar means ocean of milk. There is also an interesting story behind this name. According to this legend, there used to be a lake in the middle of the Western Ghats where a princess used to come daily to bathe with her friends. After bathing, she used to consume milk in a pot. One day, she was doing eighteen games in the lake water. Then the sight of a young man going from there fell on him and he stopped there and stared at them. To keep her shame, the princess’s friends poured milk pitcher into the lake so that they could hide themselves behind the layer of milk.

It said that since then the milky water of this waterfall is flowing continuously.

After listening to this interesting story, when you see the water of this waterfall, it will definitely look milky.

Facts of Dudhsagar Falls

  1. The Mandovi River flows from the Western Ghats towards Panaji and joins the Arabian Sea.
  2. The DudhSagar Falls is a brief stop for this journey of the Mandovi River.
  3. It is 5th highest waterfalls of India.
  4. The entire height of the Dudh Sagar waterfall is 300 meters or more than 1000 feet.
  5. Dudhsagar falls in a deep green lake below the waterfall. After that, its water goes in the western direction, moving in the western direction.
Dudhsagar Falls in Goa

Glimpse of dudhsagar waterfalls

We reached the village of Mollem at 4 am in the morning to have a glimpse of Dudhsagar waterfall. Due to the tourist season, a large number of tourists were present here to visit the waterfall. There was a long queue for jeep tickets. We also stood in the queue. After waiting for two hours, we got a jeep ticket. Even after the jeep reached the entrance of the forest, we had to wait for about an hour before entering the forest.

We stood there in the queue and started enjoying the view around us. The calm and serene Mandovi River was flowing from near us. There was also a desire to see wild animals and birds in the forest, although in the presence of so many trains and tourists there was doubt about its potential.

After a few moments, after crossing the entrance of the forest, our car started moving from the footpath made in the dense forest. On the way, we saw many streams going from here and there, and even crossed two streams. It was an exciting experience. Due to the absence of rain completely, the way was moist and somewhere mud filled.

Where we were alighted from our car, the Dudhsagar waterfall is visible on an observation turret. If you reach the waterfall by 1 km if you do not want to do the hiking, then you can visit the waterfall from here. A bird’s eye view of the waterfall also obtained from here. It is another matter that the monkeys present there consider it as their property. Therefore, you may have to compromise with them.

Dudhsagar Falls in Goa

Hiking up to Dudhsagar Waterfalls

On the way, after crossing many ups and downs, we reached a culvert above a stream. The streams flowing through the stones from the right side were turning into powerful rivers on our left. A branch of a tree lying near it completely bent on that river, as if wanting to enjoy its serene touch.

It was a wonderful view. On the one hand, the melodious tones of the stream flowing with stones were echoing in the ears, on the other hand it was very exciting to see many streams transformed into such a powerful river. After a few moments of enjoying this enchanting scene, we moved forward. At some distance, our enjoyment doubled when another such stream gave us an unforgettable welcome.

After crossing both streams, the road started to get somewhat rocky and slippery. I saw many tourists battling with them before me. I also started moving cautiously. Moreover, suddenly a spectacular waterfall was flowing in front of us. The entire waterfall was visible from here. Seeing this bigger and extraordinary Dudhsagar waterfall than seen in the pictures, we were rooted for a few moments. The bridge of a train divided into two parts from the center of it.

It was a very enchanting scene. Our eyes were not willing to turn away from him.

Dudhsagar Falls in Goa

After a few moments, we proceeded to reach near the waterfall. The route was extremely risky. There were slippery rocks all around. Monkeys leaped around us and showed their presence. Eventually we reached the feet of the falling waterfall. Perhaps in summer the road is dry and relatively less risky, but in summer, the amount of water also decreases.

Dudhsagar falls on which river

Dudhsagar Falls is located in the Indian state of Goa on the Mandovi River, one of the major rivers of Goa. These waterfalls are known for their beauty and a popular tourist attraction in the region. The name “Dudhsagar” translates to “sea of milk” in the local Konkani language, and is so named because of the white foamy appearance of the water as it falls down the rocky terrain, and looks like a stream of milk from the hill.

Dudhsagar falls in goa

Dudhsagar is a lake filled with sea blue water at the feet of the waterfall. Many tourists were swimming in this lake. All of them were wearing red colored armor and many lifeguards were sitting on the rocks and kept eyes on them. I had a strong desire to reach near the waterfall and feel the tumult of the falling water, but it was not possible in the presence of so many tourists. The melodious clamor of the waterfall was fading in the delightful noise of the tourists. Therefore, the pleasure gained by their eyes started getting wet. Seeing the uninterrupted continuous flow of fickle water was giving extreme coolness to the brain.

There were some bright yellow asana on the rocks with some adult tourists enjoying the waterfall. I also sat in a posture for a few moments. However, the rocks started to attract me and forced me to move closer to the waterfall. After sitting for a long time on the banks of the lake, decided to return with a satisfied mind after seeing the waterfall. I finally got the vision of this spectacular Dudhsagar falls in goa.

dudhsagar water falss

How to reach dudhsagar falls

Dudhsagar Falls situated within the Bagman Manager Wildlife Sanctuary, located on the border of Goa-Karnataka states. It can be reach by road from Molane village located on the banks of the sanctuary. If you want to reach here by train, the families can get here easily by train after landing at the station.

Dudhsagar Falls is 40 km from Panaji city of Goa. In addition, kilometer from Madgaon city. Moreover, about 60 km from Belgaum city of Karnataka.

Taxi fare from Panaji city is around 3000 to 4000 rupees. Other fares fixed in the same proportion.

In addition to the rainy season, the Goa Tourism Department arranges organized travel to the designated sites. Under this, along with the Dudhsagar Falls, spice gardens and tourist places like those that ancient Goa can also seen. For more information, contact the official website of Goa Tourist Department.

If you are interested in an exciting padyatra, you can also reach the trek from Kuveshi village (8 km), or from Kulen station (11 km) or Castle Rock (18 km).

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Dudhsagar Waterfalls entry fee:

• Jeep Fee –  Rs.500 per person

• Life Jacket – Rs. 30 per person

• Forest entry fee – Rs 50. Per person

• Still camera – 300 rupees. Per camera

• Video Camera – Permission required.

• Mobile Camera – Free

The change in current charges is feasible.

Some tips for traveler

1. Dudhsagar Falls is open for tourists from mid-October to the end of May. Contact Goa Tourism Department for exact date information.

2. Visit of Dudhsagar Falls is restricted during the rainy season. During the rainy season, the water of the river and the waterfall is at high ebb. The jeeps cannot cross the rivers and reach the waterfall. Hiking to waterfall can also prove to be extremely dangerous due to the earth being very slippery.

3. It is necessary to purchase a place in a jeep for entry inside the Lord Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. At the time of my visit here, about 2225 jeeps facilities were available daily and each jeep can seat 6 people.

4. After reaching the designated place by jeep, you can spend 60 to 90 minutes near the waterfall. After this, it is necessary to reach the jeep back so that the jeep can take you back and take other passengers to visit the waterfall.

5. There is a long queue for purchasing Jeep tickets. After sitting in the jeep, one has to wait for his shift in the queue at the entrance of the forest. Before entering the forest, all plastic items have to leave outside.

6. Do not keep any kind of food items near you inside the forest and near the waterfall. Monkeys present there can attack you when their fragrance comes.

7. Distance from jeep base to waterfall is about 1 km. On the way, one has to cross-delicate bridges over two rivers. The last phase of the path is stony and dangerous.

8. If you are staying near Molem village, then half a day is sufficient for the waterfall, otherwise you can schedule a full day for Dudhsagar view.

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