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A Photographers’ Guide to Lakkidi View Point

Lakkidi View Point, nestled right in the middle of nature’s abundance located in Kerala, India, offers visitors all that and more. Its stunning scenery with a tranquil ambiance as well as a hint of mystery, the spot is sure to be a memorable trip. In this piece we’ll guide you through an immersive journey through Lakkidi View Point, unraveling its mysteries and offering vital details that will help you make the most of your visit.

Situated in and surrounded by the Western Ghats Lakkidi View Point beckons guests with its beautiful beauty. It is an ideal spot for those who love nature, photographers as well as anyone looking for an escape away from the hustle and bustle of routine.

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The Majestic Lakkidi View Point

An Aesthetical View of Nature’s Canvas

From the point of view on Lakkidi View Point, the panorama unfolds in front of you like a painting. Green valleys, a misty hill and winding roads make the most stunning visual composition. The air is fresh and carries the scent of greenery that covers the area.

Speciality of Lakkidi: Nature’s Enigma

Lakkidi View Point isn’t just another view point It’s an intriguing mystery just waiting to be solved. Lakkidi’s distinctive geography causes an unpredictably unique phenomenon in which it is covered in mist, even on clear days. The mysterious occurrence been credited with earning Lakkidi the name “Cherrapunji of Kerala.”

Best Time to Visit Lakkidi View Point

The attraction of Lakkidi The beauty of Lakkidi varies according to the season. Although it’s accessible all year round, the ideal time to enjoy its beauty is in the month of October March. The weather will be comfortable, and the mist provides an exotic touch to the scenery.

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Entrance Fee and Timings

To enjoy the stunning views of Lakkidi the viewpoint, there’s a modest entry fee is required. Lakkidi’s viewpoint is accessible between sunrise and sunset permitting you to pick between the vibrant colors of dawn as well as stunning colors at dusk.

Height Above Sea Level

The vantage point is situated at about 700m (2,300 feet) above sea level, Lakkidi View Point offers the opportunity for viewers to view the rolling Western Ghats and the luxuriant valleys beneath.

Captivating Sunsets and Sunrises

lakkidi view point

It’s truly beautiful seeing a sunset or sunrise on Lakkidi View Point. The sun’s rays paint the sky with shades of orange and gold the mist covers the entire landscape and creates a surreal atmosphere which is a photographer’s ideal.

The Journey to Lakkidi

To reach Lakkidi View Point involves a picturesque drive on curving roads that are surrounded by thick forest. The drive itself is a thrilling experience, with each turn revealing new aspects of the beauty that nature has to offer.

Exploring Nearby Attractions

Lakkidi isn’t only all about the view. It’s also an entry point for visiting other attractions that are worth a visit, such as Pookot Lake, Chain Tree as well as Thusharagiri Waterfalls, which are located within a short distance.

Local Cuisine

Enjoy your palate with the delicious flavors of Kerala’s culinary delights. From spicy hot appams, to delicious curries Kerala cuisine is a feast to the palate.

Where to Stay: Accommodation Options

To those who wish to stay for longer Lakkidi has a wide range of lodging options, including cozy homestays and luxurious hotels, which will provide a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

Essential Tips for a Memorable Visit

For the best experience from your trip, remember these suggestions: wear warm clothes, get there early in order to avoid crowds as well as respecting the environment by making sure you don’t litter.

Photography Opportunities

Photographers can find the perfect spot when they visit Lakkidi View Point. The shifting play of fog and light provides an endless opportunity to take amazing and stunning images.

Connect to Nature with Eco-Tourism Initiatives

Lakkidi has taken its commitment to the environment very seriously. Many eco-tourism projects are implemented to make sure that tourists can take pleasure in the splendor of the area without harming the natural environment.

Safety Measures and Guidelines

When exploring the beauty of Lakkidi be sure to consider safety. Be sure to follow the marked paths Be cautious at the corners, and observe instructions to make sure you have a safe trip.


Lakkidi View Point isn’t just an excursion, it’s an experience that’ll be permanently in your memories. The stunning views, magical mist, and the peaceful ambiance combine for a magical trip to the heart of nature.

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