kalu waterfalls

A Journey Through Kalu Waterfall: A Must-See Destination

Kalu waterfall, located on a hill in Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra, this waterfall is referred to as God Valley for its beauty.

Kalu Falls is a stunning waterfall located near Malshej Ghat in Maharashtra, every day, this waterfall draws a large number of nature lovers with its beauty. Hundreds of hikers and environment enthusiasts go to the Kalu falls every year because of its magnificence during the rainy season.

Kalu Waterfall Malshej Ghat

kalu waterfalls

In summertime it is commonplace to go on an excursion through the mountains. When we are hiking in these mountains we are able to observe waterfalls.

Kalu Falls is the highest waterfall in the Malshej region, with a maximum the height over 1200 feet. It falls in five segments from top to the bottom. It is not clearly visible from the top. Drone cameras are a great way to view the splendor of the five segments.

Kalu Falls is the highest and biggest waterfall on Malshej Ghat. Kalu falls is one of the places that are not as well-known within Maharashtra. Kalu falls Malshej Ghat can be seen from the main highway, but its design is such that the majority of the waterfall’s structure is concealed.

The saying goes that beauty is usually dangerous. This is a perfect dictum for this waterfall. Certainly the waterfall is a somewhat risky in monsoon i.e. July to August, therefore hiking up the waterfall must be taken with caution during the monsoon.

Highest Waterfall In India

About Kalu falls

Kalu Waterfall is located from the Malshej region. Kalu falls is a result of Harishchandragad mountains and runs across Khireshwar village.

kalu waterfall

The Kalu falls flows into the Konkan region, which is located on to the Deccan Plateau. A second waterfall can be found nearby, called Mahuli waterfall (according to locals). Kalu falls and Mahuli Waterfall are two of the waterfalls that make up Kalu River. Kalu River.

Kalu Waterfall How to Reach

Kalu Falls is easily accessible easily from Mumbai or Pune. Distance between Mumbai to Kalyan up to the waterfall is around 90 km, and from Pune it’s 125km. Buses are readily available between Mumbai as well as Pune towards Khubi Phata.

The distance between Khubi Phata Khireshwar The village at the bottom in Kalu Falls, is about 7kms. It is accessible either on foot or via lift that travels 7 kilometers, and after the trek of around 2kms between Khireshwar towards Kalu Falls.

Kalu Waterfall Trek

kalu waterfall

There’s no official trekking way for getting to Kalu falls, so one is required to travel through tiny streams as well as dense forest. The water from these streams may increase suddenly, and this can be quite risky, and you should not be in a group on this trail.

Best Time To Visit In Kalu Waterfall

The ideal time to go to Kalu falls is during monsoon i.e. June-August, and the after monsoon i.e. September through October. At this time, the water flow is strong and creates a stunning sight to look at.

The greenery is in July and August everywhere, which makes walking stunning. The flowers are yellow in September through October. This adds the beauty of the waterfall.


While you’ll see numerous waterfalls in Malshej Ghat during monsoon, nevertheless, Kalu falls, the most awe-inspiring waterfall in the area, provides an stunning and breathtaking panorama.

As stunning as waterfall might be however, it’s also much more risky as well, which is why when you visit Kalu falls, be sure be very careful when hiking and take good the care of your family and friends. relatives.

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