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Tourist Places in Kurseong Heaven of West Bengal

Tourist places in kurseong – Today we are talking about the city of Kurseong in West Bengal. Although there are many places to visit in Bengal, but the city which is full of natural beauty and eyesight is name Kurseong.

tourist places in kurseong

Locate on the Siliguri and Darjeeling Highway, Kurseong is famous all over West Bengal for its scenic beauty, waterfall, tea estates and ancient temples. This place is no less than a paradise for any tourist to roam. If you are planning to roam in West Bengal, then definitely visit these best tourist places in kurseong

Tourist Places in Kurseong

Eagle’s Crag, Kurseong view point

Eagles Crag is a famous tourist places in kurseong as well as the whole of West Bengal. From this view point you can have a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains, settlements, tea estates etc. It is said that Nepal’s hills can also be seen from this view point.

tourist places in kurseong

This place is very popular in West Bengal especially for the couples. If you are going for a trip to Kurseong, then definitely reach for this place. Surely after visiting here, you will want to be here.

Kurseong Railway Museum

Toy trains are highly preferr by tourists in most of the hill stations of the country. When trains pass through dense forests and hills, to see the beautiful.

tourist places in kurseong

If you want to ride a toy train in Kurseong, then you must reach here and you have to know Darjeeling Himalayan Railway closely, then you must visit Kurseong Railway Museum. If you are going for a walk with the kids, then definitely arrive here.

Kurseong Deer Park

Deer Park in Kurseong is also one of the best tourist places in kurseong. The park is also know as the Satellite Park by the locals. If you are a nature lover as well as animal lover, then you must visit this park.

Kurseong Deer Park

There are many rare species of animals in this park, which you have probably never seen before. You can go for a walk in this park by asking the local officer.

Kurseong Tea Gardens

Kurseong Tea Gardens

The cities of Kurseong near Siliguri and Darjeeling are roaming, and there is no Tea Garden to roam there, this cannot happen. If you feel like walking in the tea gardens during the Kurseong trip, then you must visit the Kurseong Tea Gardens. You can enjoy tea here along with roaming here. This is the perfect place to hang out with friends and partners.

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