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17 Best Beautiful Places in Australia

Beautiful places in australia – Australia known as country of dreams, it has shiny sand, blue sea, spectacular weather, bouncing kangaroos and much more. Similarly, Australia is almost similar to the United States but equal to New York population. It is a very beautiful country; there are many tourist beautiful places in australia, which are like this.

Beautiful Places in Australia

Places to Visit Cities in Sydney

1. Sydney

Sydney is a historically famous city. Every year lakhs of tourists go to visit Sydney, which includes a large number of Indians. Sydney has many historical buildings, beautiful gardens, attracting churches and many scenic spots, which attracts most tourists. It is the largest city of Australia. However, Sydney is also a very attractive place.

2. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair Sydney

Macquarie's Chair Sydney

The Mrs. Macquarie Chair is a famous tourist destination in Sydney, which is a sandstone rock, which is making in the shape of a chair. The ‘Chair’ is located on Sydney Harbor and it was built in 1710 for Elizabeth, the wife of Governor Macquarie. It is said that Elizabeth Macquarie use to sit on a chair to enjoy the beautiful view of the harbor.

The peninsula also known as Missis Macquarie Point near the Royal Botanical Gardens. The place offers an excellent view of the harbor, mountains and bridges. This is the reason why it is like by tourists and locals.

3. Opera House Sydney

opera house sydney

The Opera House of Sydney is a very attractive and spectacular tourist destination. It is a pleasure to see the beautiful scenery here. It is surrounding by water, which attracts tourists.

4. Queen Victoria Building Sydney

beautiful places in australia

The Queen Victoria Building (QVB) is one of the most luxurious and prestigious historical markets in Sydney. It is home to over 170 of Sydney’s finest brands – jewelry shops, home furnishings, and fashion boutiques, along with a delightfully eclectic assortment of restaurants and cafes.

The building has four main shopping floors, with the northern and southern sections of the upper level being the largest. It is a wonderful experience on its own with a simple stroll in the rich and artistic architecture of four floors.

5. The Rocks Market Sydney

The Rocks is a landmark in the New South Whale. In the preserve history of Australian heritage, its historic cobblestone street and sandstone building complete with market stalls, and luxurious cafes reflect the history and culture of Australia.

This serene experience offers luxurious cafes, serene restaurants, and luxurious hotels at the same time with premium hotel and resort chains.

6. Bondi Beach

It is a very famous tourist destination of Sydney. Every year lakhs of people come here to roam here. The beauty of the place attracts more tourists. Here, you can travel 6 kilometers on the seashore.

7. Harbor Bridge Sydney

beautiful places in australia

It is one of the most beautiful places in Australia, which was built in 1932. Here is the longest steel ear bridge in the world. It comes in second place from all over Australia. The length of this bridge is 1149 meters.

How The Bridge Australia Showcases the Engineering Wonders

8. Botanic Gardens Sydney

Botanic Gardens are a famous place in Sydney. This garden was built in 1816. This place is best for picnic. Some types of flowers see here which fascinate the mind.

9. Darling Harbor Sydney

It is famous for those who love the theater world, LG Theater has the biggest screen here, and it is famous for shopping. There is also a beautiful water park for children.

10. Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo is a good place for those who love animal birds. More than 340 species found here, and a collection of more than 4000 animals found. It spans 52 acres. The region is home to a large variety of species such as chimpanzees, elephants and snakes.

11. Hyde Park Barracks Sydney

This park is decorating with green trees and plants and beautiful flowers. The park was built during the First World War.

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Beautiful places in australia

12. Sea World Marine Park

It is Australia’s largest marine park that entertains children and adults. Here you will find polar bears, penguins and small sharks.

13. Carlton Gardens Melbourne

Australia’s Carlton Building and Royal Exhibition Building have been placed in the list of World Heritage. This attraction is also tourist that was built in the 18th century.

14. The Great Barrier Reef

beautiful places in australia

It is one of the seven natural wonders, the largest barrier reef in the world locate in the Coral Sea. Therefore, this World Heritage is one of the largest living structures in the world. However, more than 3000 coral reefs and hundreds of beautiful islands in a vast area.

15. Perth

beautiful places in australia

Perth is the second largest tourist destination in Australia. Here you can enjoy the natural scenery, wild life, tribal culture, aquatic adventures and attractions. The Perth Mint, Sterling Gardens, Lake Monger and His Majesty Theater are quite famous here.

16. Fraser Island Australia

It is the largest sandy island in Australia. It is call the hidden treasure of nature. Here you will find rare fish species of different dogs and other animals. In addition, it is also call the most beloved holiday destination.

17. Kakadu National Park in Australia

It is declare a World Heritage Site in Australia. This extends 200 km south and 100 km east of the beach. It has a rich heritage of wildlife and local flora. About 500 tribal are also live here.

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