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Unique Hotel made in China, the visitors are surprised

China’s technology ( made in China) is the most different in the world. China is constantly changing technology as well as changing time. After doing different things from ground to sky, China pretense a unique example. After seeing the world became shock. China built a hotel that is locate inside the water and its call Inter Continental Shanghai Wonderland.

This hotel is about an hour’s drive from the center of Shanghai City. The cost of a room for one night at this unique hotel is 3,394 yuan which is approximately 490 dollars.This Chinese hotel is built inside a pit.

How technology use in this Hotel made in China

The hotel has a suite under the water level. Climbing from the cascade and the cliff are some of its attractive features.

This technology has develop in China by building technology.Its biggest feature is that the hotel built over a rock. It is being told that this rock was a coal mine first.One of the main challenges for engineers prevent 88 meter deep pit from the flood, equal to the rock.

Built with an amount of 288 million dollars, this hotel’s development also includes a theme park.It is believe that this hotel is emerging in China World architectural designs Is a symbol of the growing number of. The level of water is a floor of the suit, but in the depth of Shenkeng Quarry the windows have been kept close by large fish tanks.

A chief engineer associate with this hotel said, ‘This is a project which is completely new.A project we have never face before.

made in China

‘There were many troubles in building the hotel. Before construction began in 2013, heavy rains turn the river near the mine to the quarry. Whereby half of it was filled.This cause big problems for engineers.

Project engineer Chen recall, “If something happen after the completion of the construction, it would be a devastating blow.”Designers create an embankment around the edge of the pit to prevent such an event in the future so that hundreds of guests can enjoy the food and the party well at this level.

A pump house is use to help control the level of water on the lower floor. The development of an artificial waterfall is one of the most attractive features here. The state broadcaster China Central Television nickname it ‘The Big Underpants’.

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