Largest Statue in The World Statue of Unity


Statue of Unity Largest Statue India has set a world record proudly for a special item. Statue of Unity, the 182 meter tall statue of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, who …

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25 Things You Do Not Know Information About Indian Railways

WDM 3D class Locomotive of Indian Railway

Information about indian railways is the world’s fourth largest railway network. There are many interesting things about this railway network spreading in the almost 1.2 million areas which make it …

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Interesting Facts About The Lohagarh Fort History

lohagarh fort bharatpur

Lohagarh Fort History – The ‘Fortress of Lohagarh’ in Rajasthan Bharatpur district. The only unstoppable fortress (Lohagarh Fort) of India, because no one ever won the fort built from the …

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Indian Ancient Cities Of Mahabharat Place

deeg fort

Cities Of Mahabharat Place Many ancient cities mention in the famous Hindu Book, which are still spreading in present day India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Here we are telling you about …

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9 Ancient Rock Cut Cave Temple in India

ajanta elora e1589268791216

Rock Cut Cave Temple – There are many caves around in India, which are centuries old. Apart from being rock cut cave temple are very special from the eyes of …

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