Top 10 Dangerous Railway Route in the World

There are many such railway routes around the world that are very dangerous railway route. Some of these routes go through the mountains, through some tunnels, let’s know about 10 such dangerous railway route.

10. The Death Railway, Thailand

This track is also known as Burma Railway. However in 1947 the track was closed. But in 1957 this track started the traffic again.

9. Trian A Las Neubes, Argentina

dangerous railway route train a las nubes

This excellent rail track in Buenos Aires, in Trinidad and Tobago. You will be surprise to know that these tracks pass through 21 tunnels and 13 bridges. Many times, there are so many turns that the train looks like a snake on the tracks.

8. White Pass and Yukon Route, Alaska

dangerous railway route white pass route

These railway routes made in the US state of Alaska. The biggest amount of this track is that these tracks pass through the snowy areas.

7. Outeniqua Railway Track, South Africa

dangerous railway route

These rail tracks are locate in South Africa, and these tracks make you travel up to the Outeniqua Transport Museum. The river flowing down and the running train passes through many dangerous paths. Many times people also feel scared during this train.

6. Georgetown Loop Rail Route, Colorado

dangerous railway route loop route

This railway route made in the US of Colorado. This track is design to connect two hills. Below is a thrill of thousands of well-filled trenches and filling up farrata.

5. Cumbers & Toltec Rail Route, New Mexico

This railway route in New Mexico is very old. Since 1880, for the trains this route is like bushes. The height of the track is quite large and the frame is also of different type.

4. Chennai-Rameswaram Rail Route, India

India also such dangerous railway routes. One such track goes from Chennai to Rameshwaram. These tracks are built on the sea level. Many times as the water level increases, the train moves on the track and moves forward water.  

3. Aso Minami Rail Route, Japan

This railway track built in the city of Minami aso of Japan. This track 17.7 kilometres long in 1928. There are 9 stations on this railway track. The bridge that is built between two hills is very old.

2. Kuranda Scenic Railway Route

You have travel by train several times in your life. Many times your heart will be fill with thrill during the journey. But you ever travel on such a railway route that you face life by facing death? Maybe your answer will not, But when you travel on this Australian railway track, you sure will be scare. There is a big waterfall near this track, when the train passes through this track, from the spring water fills the passengers with fiercely. However, during this time people are very scare.

1. Argo Gede Train Railroad, Indonesia

This rail track is in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. The track passes through the valleys and rivers. Let me tell you that, on this route, there are an accident in 2002.

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