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Best Places to Visit Near Paris Popular Tourist Destination

Paris the most popular tourist destination in France. Best places to visit near pairs and sightseeing spots. Paris famous for its tours, monuments and attractive sites, hotels, culture, painting and sculpture, museums, cinema, restaurants and food, fashion and festivals.

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One of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris calls every couple fall in love. Whether planning a wedding abroad or looking for a good place for your honeymoon, the capital of France is the ideal place for almost everyone.

best places to visit near paris

Flights to Paris, a very attractive vacation destination, are available from every city around the world. This charmingly beautiful city of lights is the same as most of the major capitals of the world.

Best Places to visit near Paris

Eiffel Tower of Paris

best places to visit near paris

Like any other metropolis, Paris is busy at a fast pace but its mobility affects you. The capital of France is one of the most spectacular sightseeing places, with a unique temperament, vibrancy and attractive grandeur. Paris is mentioned, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is the Eiffel Tower. The best idea is to start a city tour from here. Due to most of the famous museums and monuments present in the city, it is not difficult to imagine why Paris is known as the world capital of art and culture.

Disneyland Paris

best places to visit near paris

Don’t forget to visit Disneyland Paris and other theme parks and zoos. There are many shopping centers and malls in Paris waiting for your arrival. From this center of fashion in the world, do not forget to bring home the latest fashion dresses prepare by world class fashion designers.

The Louvre

best places to visit near paris

Lover and Musi d’Ores, Musi Picasso, Musi Rodin, Musi Carnavallet, Musi Marmotan and Arab Institute Don’t forget to see. In 2016 Louvre was the world’s most visited art museum. Some other prominent buildings include the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysées, the Invalids, St. Germain, St. Michel and the Latin Quarter, and the Place de la Bastille.

Pont des arts of paris

The Pont des Arts or Pacereille des Arts is a pedestrian bridge in Paris that crosses the Seine River. It connects the central square of the Institut de France and the Palais du Louvre,


A buzzing pub and bar, elegant cafes, extravagant lounges, luxurious discotheques and luxurious nightlife with people in restaurants, night or day in Paris, it is an all-time buzzing city.

Where to stay

Apart from the distinct tastes and catering, the city does not disappoint even those tourists who have come on a budget trip. Hotels, motels, holiday homes and apartments are some of the places where you can go and stay. Walking in Paris, a city that looks young and beautiful every day, is one of the best travel experiences in Europe.

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