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10 Places on Earth Where Gravity does not Work

There is no place in the world, where gravity does not work. But if gravity has stopped working suddenly, then what will happen to all of us? Today we will talk about 10 places where gravity does not work zero gravity place in world.

10 Places Gravity Does Not Work

10. Reverse Waterfall – India

This is a mysterious reverse waterfall, it’s call Kavalshet Point, which is locate in Maharashtra near Sinhagad Fort. Due to mysterious and unknown facts, this waterfall moves towards the sky instead of falling.

Reverse Waterfall

People generally say that this is due to some anti-gravitational force that prevents the flow of water from falling. Although some scientists estimate that this is due to heavy air pressure.

It is a mountain range located between the Konkan coast and the southern plateau near Maharashtra, where you can enjoy this reverse waterfall. The flow of this spring from bottom to top is only an illusion. Actually, the reason behind this is the strong winds, which push the water flow from the bottom to the top, due to which this waterfall appears to flow upside down.

9. Mount Aragatas – Turkey

Locate only 30 kilometres away from the border of Turkey, Mount Aragatas has become a popular tourist destination, because cars can go up without using their engine, rivers also flows against the pull of gravity.

According to an ancient legend, the Aragats and mount ararat love the sisters who separated after the quarrel. His love is so strong that in his efforts to reconnect. At present the mountains have been politically separated with Mount Ararat locate in Turkey.

8. Santa Cruz Mystery Spot –  United States

Santa Cruz Mystery Spot

One of the most famous secret places in America. This place is locate in the forests only 150 feet in the outside area of ​​Santa Cruz. There people seem to be walking in a sloping fashion, and things look as they are climbing up.

Many people come back to this secret place many times to experience these strange and troubling sensations. You can believe in the event or understand it as optical illusion, but it definitely looks impressive.

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7. St. Ignace Mystery Spot – United States

The story says that some surveyors were searching for this area in the 1950. When they reached this place, all their equipment stopped working. As he searched after some tests, this problem was only in the circle of 300 feet diameter.

St. Ignace Mystery Spot

This mystery place was found in this way. Two people can exchange heights, and you can make a balance on the wall. Even though these effects are just an optical illusion, yet it is very fun.

6. Oregon Vortex – United States

Since the 1930, it has become a major tourist attraction because of its strange events, as the rod appears to stand by itself. One place has become a major attraction in Oregon Vortex, where people can change their height. The guide of this mysterious place claims that it is due to various powers that change the body’s molecular structure.

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5. The Hoover Dam – United States

Hoover Dam is one of the main tourist attractions in the eastern US. The size of this dam is huge, but the size does not matter here. Compare to the mysterious gravitational, it is completely irrelevant.

If you go to this place then you can do some experiment, you should stand on top of a bottle of water and open the bottle and try to put water. You will be amazed by the fact that instead of going down, water goes upwards.

Scientist has a satisfactory answer to this mystery that the construction of this dam is such that the flow of air becomes very strong. The air flow through the edges is upwards.

4. Spook Hill – Florida

Spook Hill

Spook hill is a gravity hill, which is an optical illusion where cars themselves rotate. Spook is locate on Lake Wales Ridge of Florida. The geological form of the sand and limestone hills is a significant series, which was two to three million years ago in the island, when the sea level was very high. If you stop your vehicle or make it neutral, you will see that it is being pulled towards the mountain.

3. Jeju Mysterious Road – South Korea

Jeju Mysterious Road

Locate in South Korea, call jeju mysterious road. A road that seems to slope upward, which actually tilt slightly downhill. Local people call it kv road and it has become famous for objects and cars, it starts moving upwards to create a mind-bending illusion.

It appears to be gradually increasing in height, but there is a slope of down to three degrees in the road and extends for around 100 meters. Drivers are encouraged to keep their cars in neutral in the beginning, which is marked on signpost.(gravity does not work)

2. Magnetic Hill – Australia

gravity does not work australia

You can see a strange sculpture of a huge magnet while driving through rural areas in South Australia. Which is encourage to stop and experience the strangeness of the area.

If you are facing the direction where the road appears to climb your way, keep your car neutral and feel the secret of this place for yourself. Your car will climb in the opposite direction. (gravity does not work)

1. Magnetic Hill – India

magnetic hill gravity does not work

Scientists believe that this hill has magnetic force that pulls at a speed of about 20 kilometres per hour. Even if you park the car in neutral on this hill, it will remain as it is. While doing so on another hill, your car will start coming down fast.

Scientists believe that the hill locate near Gurdwara Plateau Sahib has amazing magnetic power. Even the plane flying in the sky are not save by the magnetic power of this hill.

Many pilots who have flown here are under pressure to experience many tremors in the airplane while flying over this hill. The plane speed is increased to protect the airplane from the magnetic force of the hill.(gravity does not work)


Who discovered gravity

Isaac Newton had told his contemporary scientist William Stukeley about the discovery of his gravity, and the details written by him are considered to be reliable evidence of this phenomenon, Stukeley wrote a biography of Newton and discussed about his apple and gravity. had written to.

Where gravity does not work

There is no place in the world, where gravity does not work.

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