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Skull Cave Mackinac Island: A Journey into the Island’s Mysterious and Captivating Depths

Skull Cave Mackinac Island – Mackinaw Island has an extraordinary and immense history Numerous lives have been lost on the soil so it would only make sense that it would be haunted. In fact, Mackinac Island is one of the most haunted and sacred places in Michigan And when it comes to the skull cave, earned its name and haunted reputation for a reason.

The Creation of Skull Cave Mackinac Island

Let’s start from the beginning. Cave is one of Mackinaw Island’s oldest geological formations Basically, the cave was created in 11 000 years ago when the stack of limestone was exposed, and waves washed into one side of it, causing the small cave to form.

The Native American Burial Grounds on Mackinac Island

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Mackinaw Island has long been a burial location for the Anishinabek, the Odawa Ojibwe and podoatami native Americans It’s common practice for them to bury their dead near water and their villages and in autumn, they have ceremonies in remembrance of them These ceremonies are called feasts of the dead or ghosts suppers The Odawa and Chippewa native Americans have worked with Mackinac State Historic parks to basically protect the native

Americans and legally give them control. and custody over their ancestors remains that are on Mackinac Island and in mackinac city Mackinac Island is a special place for many native people, and the burials of Their ancestors greatly contributed to the history and sacred nature of the

Island Not only are there three cemeteries on The island of Mackinac also contains countless native American burials and burial sites Some are still being discovered, and some still yet to be found.

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The Massacre of Fort Michelle Mackinac

on June 2nd 1763 at Fort Michelle Mackinac Native Americans were playing a game. similar to the cross and the British watched as they normally did.

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These games were a pretty big event. involving hundreds of native men But on this day, the game plan was different and would lead to what would become known as the massacre of Fort Michelle Mackinac This attack was part of a huge native American movement called Pontiac’s rebellion named after the chief of the

The Revolution against British Troops

Odawa Pontiac’s Rebellion was a series of attacks on the British throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois On the island, the natives got along. pretty well with the French, but when the French troops left, and the British The troops came, things went downhill, The British were basically untrustworthy. jerks that treated the natives extremely poorly, so the natives decided to take a stand and start a revolution, and the Ojibwe, Odawa, Wyandotte, and Poto Itami agreed to all attack their nearby forts.

Even though the British commander was warned several times about this attack. He refused to listen. and during the game, the British didn’t seem to think anything of the fact that The native women were all sitting in front of the fort gates, wrapped in thick blankets on that hot summer day.

Skull Cave Mackinac Island

The British didn’t have any clue that This game was only a distraction. The attack happened within seconds. The men purposely passed the ball near the women, causing them to run towards They and the women opened their blankets. that were filled with tomahawks and knives, handing them to the men and their The plan was executed flawlessly. The natives spared the French and the The French didn’t step in to stop the attack. In fact, they encouraged the natives to Get rid of the British.

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Alexander Henry’s Capture and Escape

Alexander Henry was an English fur trader that lived on the island He overheard the attack happening and ran to his window to witness the massacre It wasn’t safe for Alexander to stay in his home, and he had a hard time trying to find a safe place to hide out.

And long story short, Alexander ended up getting captured by the Ojibwe, and he was owned by the chief of the Ojibwe. Luckily, Wawatan, the Odawa chief, came to Alexander’s rescue, Wawa Tom intervened and took Alexander into his own lodge to Keep him safe. A few days later, Alexander was threatened again, and Wawa Tom needed to take him to a place where no one would find him Zawawa Tom took him to the skull cave, so he could hide out and sleep in there.

The Skull Cave Mackinac Island

Skull Cave Mackinac Island Overnight Alexander woke up the next morning. He realised that the entire floor that he had been sleeping on was covered in human bones and skulls Skull Cave was used as a native American burial site until the 1700s. and this was how Skull Cave got its name. Now, when people visit the cave, They report seeing shadow figures and apparitions and feeling a strange presence or energy in the area.

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