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Top 10 Things To Do in Mumbai

Welcome to one way, the financial and entertainment capital of India, the city next to the Arabian Sea that will show you some of the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen, feed you some of the most delicious foods you have ever eaten, and in general just surprise you by what you can see every single day in the streets.

Mumbai is my favorite place in the world. Let me show you some awesome things to do in mumbai that you can see and do and eat in this amazing city.

The city is divided into two main parts: the South, where you can find Colaba and Marine Drive, and the North, where you can find Bandra, Juhu, and Andheri. The easiest way to get the best experience of Mumbai is to pick either the North or the South for a day to explore. Please don’t try to do Mumbai in like one day because you will get extremely frustrated by the traffic, and that will probably not give you a good impression of the city.

Things To Do in Mumbai

Let’s start with South Mumbai because this is where most of the important sites are.

The Gateway of India

things to do in mumbai gateway of india

The Gateway of India, besides being a gorgeous structure, also has major historical significance for India. This is where the last British troops left India following the country’s independence. I would highly recommend you to visit the Gateway of India during sunset, but also after sunset as it is beautifully lighted in the evening.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

the taj mahal hotel mumbai

Right next to the Gateway of India, you will find another major historical building, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. So many Indian nationals as well as international celebrities have stayed in this hotel. They have these amazing photographs so you can spot all of the celebrities. Next to the phenomenal staff, this hotel has the most amazing flower decorations, and if you’re not staying here, I would still highly recommend you to at least have a coffee, a dinner, or even an ice cream with a view here.

Marine Drive

mumbai marine drive beautiful view

After the Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, you can take a rickshaw or even walk to my favorite place in the whole wide world, Marine Drive. Marine Drive is a long boardwalk next to the Arabian Sea that stretches from Nariman Point up to Chowpatty Beach. Because of the half-circle shape, the lights in the night appear to make a necklace; therefore, Marine Drive is also known as Queen’s Necklace.

Marine Drive will give you a view of some of the most beautiful sunsets ever. A lot of Mumbaikers come here at the end of the day to simply drink chai, hang out with their friends and family, and talk about their day.

Marine Drive is literally my favorite place in the whole world. The sense of peace, the relaxed atmosphere, the beautiful sunset, the ocean next to you – it will just give you a special feeling that I personally don’t get anywhere else. Whenever I’m in Mumbai, I always make the walk from Nariman Point up to Chowpatty Beach, which is about an hour and a half. Obviously, you don’t have to do that, but I would highly recommend you to definitely visit Marine Drive if you are up for it.

The Hanging Garden

Nearby Chowpatty Beach, you will find the Hanging Garden. It took me two years to visit this place for the first time, and I have been missing out. I don’t want that for you, so that’s why I’m telling you about this beautiful place in Mumbai. Another place that I would highly recommend you to visit during sunset because it is simply gorgeous.

You can find some beautiful flowers here, sit on the benches, and enjoy the bushes shaped like animals. Just like with Marine Drive, it’s very hard for me to describe the feeling of peace and content that you will feel from visiting this place. Just go there yourself and experience it. Before we head over to the north side of Mumbai to explore Bandra, Juhu, and Andheri, I would recommend you to visit a few places as well in the south. One of them is the Town Hall Library. If you love historic buildings and books, you will love this place as well.

Mumbai Local Train

Now, I told you the public transportation in Mumbai is not very well organized, but the slow train is absolutely a must-do experience. So, the slow train is exactly that. If you want to take it from the south side to the north side or the other way around, you will have to take the Churchgate-Borivali Line.

A ticket shouldn’t cost you more than 10 or 20 rupees, but this experience is definitely nothing that has to do with money. It is about the things that you will see along the way. Yes, it can get super crowded, but if you’re traveling outside of rush hours, you will have actually a faster way to get from one side to another than by car. For a lot of Mumbaikers, this is their daily transportation to work or school.

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The Worli Sea Link

things to do in mumbai sea link

Another way of moving faster between north and south is taking the Worli Sea Link. The Worli Sea Link is a bridge that connects South Mumbai to North Mumbai over the Arabian Sea. Besides saving time, you will be rewarded with gorgeous views of the Mumbai skyline.

In order to take the Sea Link, please explicitly tell your taxi driver that you want to take the Worli Sea Link. It is not given that they will take it; sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. There’s also an extra toll fee for taking the Worli Sea Link, but I believe it’s something like 25 rupees, so don’t worry about that.

Juhu Beach

Another iconic place in Mumbai to watch the sunset and eat some amazing food is Juhu Beach. Juhu Beach is another place in Mumbai where people just hang out in the evening. There is a lot of entertainment, but the biggest entertainment would be the enormous food court.

When I visited this place for the first time, I was absolutely amazed because it looks more like a food carnival than just a food court. It is an absolute blasphemy to leave this place and not have some of the foods that they offer here. Actually, I would say completely stuff yourself with amazing street food because that’s what this place is for.

Pav Bhaji Street Food

I completely understand the variety of foods can be overwhelming, and therefore I would like to recommend you one dish that you absolutely have to try. That would be Pav Bhaji. Pav Bhaji is a Mumbai specialty; you have to eat it if you’re visiting Mumbai. It is very delicious.

It is a vegetarian dish, and it is so good. A dessert that I would recommend you to try is Falooda. Falooda is an extremely sweet drink-dessert. It is made with milk, some jellies, and ice cream. Obviously, you have different varieties of flavors over here. I have the pistachio saffron flavor, and it’s very sweet.

Yes, if you’re worried about food safety, obviously, I can understand that. Nothing is guaranteed here, but all I can say is I’ve had the ice creams multiple times, the Pav Bhaji, and I’ve never gotten sick. Just check the sanitary conditions of the food stall, and if you don’t have a super sensitive stomach, I think you should be good.

Mumbai: Pani Puri

Now that we’re on the topic of food anyway, let me recommend you another amazing food to eat in Mumbai: Pani Puri. I’m gonna get in trouble for this, even though it’s my personal opinion, but I do feel that Pani Puri in Mumbai is the best.

So, Pani Puri is a street food; you can find it all over Mumbai, but one that I know is for sure good and sanitary is at Tiwari Brothers near Juhu Beach. The Tiwari Brothers also happen to have Paneer Jalebi, which is a dessert made with Paneer, so cottage cheese. It is an experience, and I would also recommend you to try that one while you’re there.

Bombay Masala Sandwich

And let’s not forget about the famous Bombay Masala Sandwich. This is also street food; you can find all over Mumbai. Obviously, it is called Bombay Masala Sandwich for a reason because it is also one of Mumbai’s most famous specialties.

Bandra Bandstand

Bandra Bandstand is another promenade along the Arabian Sea where you can watch an unforgettable sunset. You’ll actually also have a view of the Worli Sea Link from this place, and Shah Rukh Khan, the famous Bollywood actor, lives here.

Near Bandra Bandstand, you will find Carter Road, which is one of the most popular streets to hang out. You will find amazing restaurants, cafes, and cute shops like this popcorn shop that offers a lot of different flavors of popcorn.

That’s actually one of the many reasons why I absolutely adore Mumbai; it is never boring. Hope you have an amazing time when you go to Mumbai, and please let me know other recommendations down in the comments.

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