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China’s CAS Space to Launch Panoramic Window Space Tourism Flights by 2027

Chinese state-backed company CAS Space has announced exciting plans for space tourism flights with panoramic windows.

These flights will offer amazing views of space. The company’s “space tourism vehicle” is set to take its first flight in 2027, with regular trips to the edge of space starting in 2028.

Space Tourism Flights

Space Tourism Flights

A New Era of Space Tourism Flights

CAS Space’s new vehicle will have a cabin for tourists with four big windows. These windows will give passengers a wonderful view of space. Imagine looking out into the vastness of space and seeing Earth from high above.

The company plans to have a launch every 100 hours from a new space-themed park. This will make it easier for people who love adventure to go to space.

Ticket Price and Accessibility

While the journey to space will offer amazing views, it will be expensive. Tickets for this incredible trip will cost between 2 million and 3 million yuan (around $415,127) per person.

This price reflects the advanced technology and careful safety measures needed for space travel. CAS Space wants to make this dream trip available to those who wish to see the stars up close.

CAS Space: A Rising Star

CAS Space was founded in 2018 and is based in Guangzhou. It is China’s leading commercial space company. The Chinese Academy of Sciences, a top science organization in China, is the second-largest owner of the company.

This shows the company’s commitment to scientific excellence. China’s space program has made great progress, closing the gap with the United States. The recent Chang’e-6 mission, which launched earlier this month, could make China the first country to bring back samples from the far side of the moon.

Blue Origin’s Resumption and Global Competition

CAS Space’s announcement comes soon after Jeff Bezos-backed Blue Origin decided to start flights again with its New Shepard Rocket. Blue Origin’s rocket is made for short trips to the edge of space.

It had not flown for almost two years. The renewed competition between these space companies promises exciting times for space lovers around the world.

In Summary

CAS Space’s vision of space tourism with panoramic windows represents an exciting step forward. As we look to the skies, we can expect a future where space becomes accessible to more people. This will invite us to explore the final frontier and see the wonders of the cosmos.

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